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  1. Nesster

    Super Bronc 2 (VT-1040) chain

    Hi all, Just figured my chain life is over. Not sure the chain on it (marked 40) was an original, or the right size. From my research here it seems like the following chain is the best one can get to avoid chain troubles. What's the right size for the 1040 bronc ? 40, 35, 420 ? This is a 35...
  2. Nesster

    Super Bronc 2 (VT-1040) original belt replacement

    Hi, this is what I think the original belt on my 1040. From the measurements I've made (I'm not a mechanic), I think that's the belt I need to order to have a spare or two. The center distance between my crank shaft and jackshaft is 7 7/8, the belt is 7/8 at top width. Could someone validate...
  3. Nesster

    HM100 tecumseh engine swap

    Hi, new comer to the mini bikes world here. I just was fortunate enough to pick up a Super Bronc 2 VT-1040 lately. Played with it a bit and not sure I'll keep the tecumseh (HM100) around for long. Ideally I'd go for a used honda engine, if I can find one, but I heard there are some good...