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Mini Bike & Go-Kart Parts

  1. jeep2003

    Nos 5hp tecumesh

    not mine
  2. jeep2003

    HS35 Parts lot

    I think these are hs35 parts but im not sure since the intake has a small hole. The crank has a bad spot on both outer journals. The rod journal is good. Shaft is 3/4 x 2 1/4"- 22$ shipped for all of it.
  3. jeep2003

    1957 2x2 Prototype

    Intresting machine
  4. jeep2003

    vintage 5" tires

    Two old tires with tubes sawtooth tread Goodyear industrial 3.40-5 one sidewall has cracking Schenuit Super Service 3.40/3.00-5 very little cracking but it is a bit beat up mostly on one side. $30. shipped for both paypal
  5. jeep2003

    MG - Custom Gokart

    Iv been planning this project for a long time but didnt get the parts I wanted to use. I still dont have all the parts but im making it work with what iv got. Its going to be an MG-J2 style car like the classic trials cars in the uk. Its about the size of a golf cart. Iv got a rear end from...
  6. jeep2003

    4" Slick Cheng Shin

    4.10/3.50-4 Cheng shin Slick tire good condition $20. shipped
  7. jeep2003

    Anything Goes! Mini Snowmobile

    This will be a mini snowmobile. Im building it with a differential for now If i need a solid axle i can always swap it out later. I was going to use a honda gc engine but i think the predator will work better since it is short i can go over it with the steering shaft better. Also a torque...
  8. jeep2003

    Vintage Chopper

    Im building a chopper bike from scratch its going to be super simple 3hp briggs regular clutch no jackshaft and a band brake on the clutch. No suspension I might put some springs on the forks just for looks. I only have half of an astro wheel so i think im going to use some spoked wheels i...
  9. jeep2003

    2 stroke Air Filter

    Air filter from a 2 stroke chainsaw engine 3 1/4" round 1 3/8" bolt spread 1" hole. $22. Shipped
  10. jeep2003

    7" wheel

    I picked up this wheel yesterday its 7" aluminum center with steel halves. Broncco is the only one I know of with 7" wheels but this doesnt look like those. Pirelli tire of course.
  11. jeep2003

    Curbside Scores!

    Post up your scores! From garage sales , craigslist, or from the curb. wherever Heres my latest score found it on the curb friday moments before the garbage man took it. Brand new in the box HF 6.5hp from 2007. Score!!
  12. jeep2003

    Pug 3 wheel utility vehicle

    Anyone have any info on this beast? built from a kit in the 70s . It looks familiar like iv seen it mentioned somewhere
  13. jeep2003

    Repair books

    3 small engine repair books $13. shipped 2 huge Tecumseh factory service manuals $45.00 shipped
  14. jeep2003

    Utility bike custom built

    Utility bike I built from scratch it has a honda gc160 engine and torque converter with a band brake on the jackshaft. Also has a front ski it works pretty well. Runs and rides good. The rear tire is quite cracked running a tube now. It could use a grippier front tire for running in the woods...
  15. jeep2003

    CAT Hustler Measurements

    I de-raked my cat hustler years ago and now i want to change it back. I could go by pictures but im sure actual measurements would be more accurate. I just need the rake angle and the measurement from the bottom of the spring cup to the axle centerline. Thanks in advance!
  16. jeep2003

    December 1970 Minibike Guide Magazine Holiday Edition
  17. jeep2003

    Tecumseh Manuals
  18. jeep2003

    Tecumseh 3.5hp Engine Ebay
  19. jeep2003

    ToteGote 1960 Barn Find

    I found this ToteGote at an estate sale yesterday its got a 1960 briggs so I assume thats the year. I was very excited got there bright and early I was surprised nobody else was fighting over it. Very nice patina I thought it was original paint but now Im pretty sure its not. I also got a...
  20. jeep2003

    HH60 Flywheel Magnets Charging / Spark Problem

    Iv got a cast iron HH60 for a troy bilt roto tiller the magnets that charge the battery all around the flywheel most of them came off. I glued them back on all in the same orientation. Obviously that was wrong because it doesnt seem to spark at the right time. Im guessing one of them needs to be...