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    Herters restoration: who bought it?

    I restored this Herters awhile back. Pretty sure I sold it here to a guy in KY. Would like to buy back. No paint all powdercoat. All chrome was redone at a chrome shop in CA. Hardware was re-plated. Seat had no tears so kept it alone because cant find that grain.
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    Vintage Minibike sign

    Metal sign approx 17”x22”. Not sure what state it is from but I bought it in MA $46 shipped
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    Can anyone identify this ?

    I have had this almost 20yrs. I threw original Clinton motor out long ago. Have this 2hp Harbor Freight in it now. Added the lights too
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    Attex 6x6 optional extra large BF Goodrich Fat Cat tires

    Good tread. Has cracks but hold air. 15” wide. 24” tall. Will not fit ATC90. Too big
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    Soerry Rand TriCart brochure

    Original 8pg including front and back color brochure for the Sperry Rand TriCart. Starting to split at seam. Has a water stain but all color pics are very bright. $35 shhipped
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    Original HPE Muskin Dune Cat assembly instructions

    The Dune Cat assembly/operating/parts list. Including front and back its 4pgs. Some staining. Its an original. Not a copy. $30 shipped
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    Salsbury 330 driver clutch

    Looking for a new or good used Salsbury 330 driver clutch. 5/8" Thanks
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    1971 Trapper Trail Bike

    A very nice member from Ohio sold me his Trapper roller. Had it shipped to MA. A guy from Wisconsin built me an engine. A few more things to go and it will be ready to ride. Thanks Steve!
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    West Bend engine throttle cable

    I have a Trapper Trail Bike with a West Bend 820. Anyone have a pic showing how the throttle cable hooks up? Thanks
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    Trapper Trail Bike exhaust

    Looking for an exhuast like this for the Trapper trail bike West Bend engine. Will need shipped to MA. Thanks
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    Rupp tank

    Looking for a Rupp gas tank. Will need shipped to MA Thanks
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    1971 Honda MiniTrail z50 trade for Trapper

    100% original. Starts easy and runs great not looking to sell. Would like to trade for a Trapper trail bike. Located in Taunton Ma. 45min south of Boston. Will travel
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    Wanted: Trapper Trail Bike

    Looking for a Trapper. Reply with price and location
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    NOS HONDA Christmas stockings and KAWASAKI hang tags JET SKI cutout

    10 1980's Honda Christmas stockings. 3 Kawasaki 9'x15' hang tags also NOS. Found in a closed down dealership in the midwest . $85 shipped for all 10 stockings and 3 hang tags. I have about 30 tags all together and would sell for extra $40. Some of the stocking are a little dirty from sitting...
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    Wanted: Trapper Trail Bike

    Traveling from Liberal KS back to MA and could pick it up along the way. 8/30-9/4
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    NOS vintage Kawasaki hang tags

    These came from a closed down Kawasaki dealer in Kansas. They were still in the wrapper before I opened it up and hung a few in my garage. Approx 25 of them I'm in MA . They are 9"x14" $45 shipped with the Honda rubber pad and window decals that read Quality and Leadership.
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    WANTED: Suzuki RV90 or RV125

    Looking to buy a Suzuki RV 90 or 125. I am 1hr south of Boston MA but will travel a little. Thanks
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    Huge balloon tire minibike project in MA

    I was going to cut up this Heald frame and fit these tires on it but prob won't get around to it. The tires are 16" wide. 23" tall BF GoodRich High Flex. I have had them for 3yrs and have never had to put air in them. They will not fit your El Burro or Sport King. They were optional larger size...
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    Comet secondary clutch 5/8

    looking for a 5/8 Comet secondary clutch for my Dune Cat. Mine broke today. I'm in MA so let me know plus the shipping. Thanks
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    Honda Christmas stockings

    I found these in a closed down Honda dealer in the midwest. There was a pile of about 50 and I only took the 3 . They are NOS but a little dirty from sitting on the shelf all the years. $45 shipped