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  1. toomanytoys

    Comparing 2 bikes similar build

    2 bikes. Both currently stage 1 and properly jetted. Same torque convertors (China blackhorse from amazon) Megamoto 212 pro with a 196 hisun 10/53gearing Coleman ct200u with a non hemi predator 10/50 gearing The Coleman flat out rips. It wheelies on demand, if you try to hold the bike back...
  2. toomanytoys

    Where to get a coleman rb200?

    Anyone have a line on coleman rb200s? I had one in my shopping cart yesterday at and I got distracted. Sat down today to order it and sold out! I googled and doesn't seem like anyone else sells them.
  3. toomanytoys

    Predator pilot jet

    Been messing with my predator a bit more getting the carb right. Running a header and intake. Changed out the emulsion tube and a .36 main jet. Runs great at full throttle now. I had a .38 and it was way too big. Ran ok but bogged down a bit at wide open. Now my issue is a quick jab of the...
  4. toomanytoys

    Finally back into bikes...

    I haven't messed with minibikes in 10 years... My youngest daughter wanted to start riding them. She is 4. I picked up a coleman ct200u nearly brand new for 150 dollars off a guy at work. Me and her road it around last summer. Swapped a predator and an Amazon tav30 on it. Then I got out...
  5. toomanytoys

    Heath kit hilltopper

    looking for a heath kit hill topper in the wv, ohio, eastern PA area. Can need restored. I don't want a piece of junk. I don't care about a motor, or TAV. But it MUST have the jack shaft plate. Also prefer it to come with the gas tank. PM me, don't respond to this thread or I'll never see it.
  6. toomanytoys

    Motovox tav or clutch?

    Been a long time since I posted here. A guy from work knew I was into minibikes. Or well used to be. Several guys decided they wanted to all build bikes and have the "hillbilly mini bike hill climb challenge" Set the rules. 6.5hp max. Small tires(no super Broncos ect). No suspension...
  7. toomanytoys

    Mini Trike--bird?

    Friend of mine saved this from the scrap yard. Quick google it looks like a Bird Mini-Trike. Anyone firm this up? What engine would of came on this when new? Thanks all!
  8. toomanytoys

    I need to stay away from here

    I got bored the other day and started browsing again. Started reading David Wulf's H50 hop up thread, reading about a couple other people's project. I hate all of you. Now I have in my head to dig out my H50 from the shelf, and my 69 Rupp frame, and start building another bike. I...
  9. toomanytoys

    heald documents any interest in scans?

    Haven't been around here for awhile. Top busy with work and in july me and my wife celebrated the birth of our son Cooper Now to the reason for this. Came across a ton of old heald papers at a flea market. Brochures warranty cards lighting kit instructions and other things. Lots of it is...
  10. toomanytoys

    traded for a rokon today.

    Traded an economy king tractor for this Rokon. Pretty nice ride. Came with a NOS brand new west bend in the box, and a TON of extra parts. 3 speed transmission. Runs like a beast. Tops out at 25 mph and starts first pull
  11. toomanytoys

    Was this Insensitive?

    I was talking to my mom this morning, and yesterday one relative or others son was killed in a car crash. Apparently he was attempting to pass a car on a blind curve, in a no passing zone, and drilled another car head on. He was killed on impact, and sent a family of 4 to the ER with serious...
  12. toomanytoys

    If you don't change your oil who would you trust?

    If you weren't going to change your own oil who would you take it to? I've heard so many horror stories about quick lube places and walmart ect that I am scared to take my car to any of those. Even the Toyota garage had the oil drain plug so tight it took me a long handled half inch ratchet to...
  13. toomanytoys

    Swap meet plain city ohio March 15 16 17

  14. toomanytoys

    why is it when you sell a bike you want more?

    I decided recently I was done with minibikes. I haven't messed with them much, and they have basically sat in the shed not being touched. The only 2 I was going to keep was the Super Bronc and the Hill Topper. Sold the black widow yesterday, last week the 69 roadster went, 3 cats the week...
  15. toomanytoys

    what is this body?

    Anything vintage?
  16. toomanytoys

    Who has been on a cruise?

    A friend of mine booked a cruise leaving Baltimore on April 6th. He can't go. Offered to sell me the trip for half of what he paid for 3 people. 800 dollars. Trip leaves Maryland goes to port Canaveral and then to 2 ports in the Bahamas. I have one person to take and she would be a good...
  17. toomanytoys

    Bonanza wanted

    Looking for a Bonanza suspended minibike. Really just want a roller with correct wheels. Jack shaft stuff is a plus. Looking for one that can be paid for and brought to winber. Shoot me a pm. If you are looking for a trade let me know I have vt7 roller with jack shaft plate new tires...
  18. toomanytoys

    Who else is ready for spring?

    I am going completely nuts. I can't hardly stand this cold crappy sloppy god forsaken winter anymore. Usually its not so bad, but I am about ready to pull my hair out! Who else is with me? Spring NOW!
  19. toomanytoys

    indoor hobby?

    Well I moved into a 600 square foot 1 bedroom apartment last week to live in through the week awhile I am in west Virginia during the week for work and come home to my house on the weekends. I have internet but I need a small scale hobby to mess with. after a week with no garage, no shop, no...
  20. toomanytoys

    I love it!

    Justin Bieber arrested on drunken driving, resisting arrest charges - About time that annoying like SOB gets arrested for all the BS he has pulled.