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  1. Thxcuz

    Bitting the billet

    I got some OT money so I’m bought a billet flywheel for my Subaru. What, if any performance upgrades can I expect (besides the obvious - not having the flywheel blowing up when I hit maximum rpm)
  2. Thxcuz

    If you had a choice...

    I have a chance to get some used engines cheap 1 is a predator for $80 1 is a 5hp briggs for $50 1 is a 10hp tecumseh for 70 I have no idea if they run here are the pros that I can think of Predator - lots of after market parts Briggs - a flathead looks cool Tecumseh - has an electric start...
  3. Thxcuz

    Carb question Subaru engine

    I have a Subaru ex21 with efi. I was thinking of replacing the fuel injection with a carb. My logic for this is I would expect the efi would become problematic after a while and a carb is easily fixable. The problem is, I have no idea of what jets they use and I assume adding an less...
  4. Thxcuz

    New guy here

    First off, hi. I’m a noob. This is my first build like this. I’ve worked on Chinese scooters, Chinese engine kits, mopeds and an old Sears 50cc motorcycle. I had an idea after being constantly annoyed by my latest motorized bicycle build - I saw some kid was selling an old Kawasaki frame with a...