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  1. DR CPT G$

    Trac Drive Sno Bike build

    I've got some tracks (plastic cog style) that I'm in the process of mounting on my minibike now. I've been thinking about making some spare cogs just in case. I can get a pack of thick plastic (nylon?) cutting boards for pretty cheap at Harbor Freight. Wonder if I cut a cog profile out of them...
  2. DR CPT G$


    I have this problem too. Didn't consider this when I bought the torque converter kit.
  3. DR CPT G$

    snow minibike

    Thanks, @Charles S. The shaft connection to the cog (i.e. the pressed-in steel bushing) "torque sheared" into two pieces - one of which is still pressed into the cog. I think you're right, the bushings are molded in. The busted bushing looks like a screw now. No real access to weld back together...
  4. DR CPT G$

    snow minibike

    Great blog/project! I love snow-peds! What kind of plastic are these type of drive sprockets? ABS?? I have a set just like it that I'm trying to reverse engineer. Also, is the bushing just pressed in?? If so, I can't imagine it can handle a lot of torque, right? Trying to think of a robust way...