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Mini Bike & Go-Kart Parts

  1. Hounddog

    Go Kart Scrambler

    Nice little bike....
  2. Hounddog

    Taco minibike wheel, NOS tire

    Here is a nice 5" Taco minibike wheel with a NOS Dual IndianHead Carlisle tire.....Wheel may be NOS to but has some dirt and oxidation...asking 180 plus shipping.....
  3. Hounddog

    Sebac Shocks (NOS)

    Here is my last set of NOS Sebac Shocks. They are still in original wrapper and are perfect! Asking $225 plus shipping.
  4. Hounddog

    Taco 100 Rear Wheel Assembly

    I have a complete Taco 100 rear wheel assembly. This is an original, complete, rear wheel including, wheel, axle, tire, sprocket, drum brake, brake arm, and cable hanger. Asking $275.00 plus shipping.
  5. Hounddog

    Taco Drum Brake

    I have a Taco drum brake for Taco 22 Dual Brake, Taco 44, taco 55, taco 99 etc...asking $100 plus shipping.
  6. Hounddog

    Mickey Thompson Wheels

    Here is a nice old original set of Mickey Thompson Wheels. Yes they do have J.D. Ent. printed on them. One front wheel and one rear wheel with original tires. These are the sealed bearing type wheel with 5/8 inch axles and not the roller bearing type wheel with 3/4 inch axles. Asking $275 plus...
  7. Hounddog

    Bug Flea Mini Bike

    Here is a nice Bug Flea with all the original parts......
  8. Hounddog

    Taco Minibikes Clock

    Here is a brand new, still in box, Taco Minibike clock. Every garage and man or girl cave must have one. Asking $100 plus shipping. It has been in a sealed box in storage for years. I just put a battery in it and works great.
  9. Hounddog

    Gas Tanks

    Here are three gas tanks. They are $50 each (+ship) or all three for $100 (+ship). The orange one is approx 4"+ x 9"-, The red one is approx. 4-3/4 x 9. The aluminum one is approx 3-4" x 11.
  10. Hounddog

    Taco Shocks

    Here is a nice set of early Taco shocks. Asking $200 plus shipping. Thanks HD.
  11. Hounddog

    NOS Carlisle Tires

    I have a set of NOS Dual Indianhead Carlisle Tires. They are size 4.80 x 4.00 x 8. these are for 8" wheels like some Bonanzas and Powells and others.....Asking $120 plus shipping. They are perfect with nubs on the tread....Thanks HD
  12. Hounddog

    Minibike wheels and tires?

    Here is a set of minibike wheels and tires. Not sure what they came off of. Any ideas? The Tires still have the nubs on them and are in near new condition. They are General Jumbo JR's in size 8 x 3.00 x 4. The wheels are two piece steel wheels with bearings. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. Hounddog

    Aggie 97 Bars

    I have Aggie 97 handlebars for sale. There is one original set, and two new reproduction sets. Asking $75 each plus shipping.
  14. Hounddog

    Rupp Dart Cycle

    I have a nice original Rupp Dart Cycle Deluxe for sale. Rupp was well known for its great go-karts. They produced their first Minibikes in 1962. They were called the Dart Cycle. This is an original Dart Cycle in very good condition. It has front suspension, two piece wheels with grease ports and...
  15. Hounddog

    Van Tech Hodaka

    A friend of mine recently finished the restoration on this rare Van Tech Hodaka. This is a very rare and special ride. Van Tech was well known for very good quality and some very special bikes......:thumbsup:
  16. Hounddog

    NOS Taco 100 Wheels and Tires

    I have some NOS Taco 100 wheels and tires. These are brand new never mounted dual Indian Head Carlisle Tires with the "nubs" still on them. They come in a set with a new tire, a new tube, and a new never mounted Taco 100 aluminum wheel. These were located in an old warehouse stacked away. They...
  17. Hounddog

    Bird (FuryBird) Mini Bike

    Have a nice old original Bird minibike for sale. Its a little dirty but all original and nice and straight. Original frame, fork, wheels, tires, footbrake with rubber footpad, kickstand, seat, fenders, sebac shocks, original engine missing shroud, clutch cover and tank, etc...The front fork has...
  18. Hounddog

    Bug Super Flea

    So I recently picked up this old Bug Super Flea...It is very unique with a lot of custom work. It has full suspension, very well made and thought out. As per the engine serial number it has a 1960-62 Honda Super Cub C102 engine and also has Super Cub Shocks. It uses the original Hands Wheels...
  19. Hounddog

    Taco Mini Bike Shocks

    Have a nice set of Taco minibike shocks. Someone spray bombed them but chrome looks like it should clean up well. Asking $175 shipped to your door. The mounting bolts are included and appear original also. Thanks, HD
  20. Hounddog


    I am still looking for a Savage minibike or any Savage parts....I have cash or trades too...Thanks HD: