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  1. wildman

    2 Sperry Rand Tricubs - restoration project thread

    I have started working on the 2 Tricubs that I acquired last year. These were both originally 8hp/elec start units (model 38E), which seem to be considerably scarcer than the 5hp version. The first unit (unit A for this thread) is pretty nice, unmolested body and frame, but no engine. I have a...
  2. wildman

    Sperry Rand trike motherlode

    Last week I took delivery of 3 additional Sperry Rand trikes for my collection. My friend also brought his Tricart along, so we had to take advantage of this rare photo-op. New for me: ● Tricub, 5hp, all-original survivor. Original balloon tires still holding air! ● Tricub, original and...
  3. wildman

    Handlebar clamp blocks

    Does anybody know if the aluminum handlebar clamp blocks like shown on this Alsport are still commercially available? (Thanks 45t for the photo) If that's a 7/8" handlebar, these appear to be the same as used on Sperry Rand Tricub and Minicub. I had one set machined, but if available I'd buy...
  4. wildman

    Sperry Rand Tricart #3

    Thanks to deal negotiated with jbird526, Tricart #3 has found its way to wildman’s fleet. This is a pretty nice original example, but needs restored… original, running JLO L230 engine, original exhaust, original uncut body, original tires, but rears not holding air (no surprise). Still has...
  5. wildman

    Briggs 5hp throttle linkage

    This has probably been answered many times on this forum, but I can’t find it. Is there a standard practice for converting this type of old push/pull wire throttle linkage ↓ to typical braided cable and return spring? I’ve done this conversion on the linear type linkage ↓ using the...
  6. wildman

    SPD Minicub

    This weekend, I turned my Minicub from a collection of loose parts into less loose parts and something that rolls. I probably won't have the body and seat done until spring, but I should have the engine and all mechanicals ready by then. Check out more of my before and during photos in my...
  7. wildman

    SPD Tricart storage hut

    I have just acquired what may be the rarest of all Tricart accessories... a storage hut made by Sperry Rand - SPD. It is the familiar SPD lime green and it still has a fossil of the SPD decal on the front which I think is the same as the rear Tricart decal. It needs a little help, but pretty...