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  1. Putter

    Need help in ID

    Hey guys, I'm guessing this is something I need to grab up. Can you help me in ID'ing it?
  2. Putter

    2002 Honda Metropolitan

    Hey gang, Thought I'd show off my latest aquisition, a 2002 Honda Metro. Picked this up yesterday at a yard sale for $450. This lil' sweetheart has never been laid down and generally is in great condition. It has just under 800 miles of use and is currently suffering from the "I let...
  3. Putter

    Scored a Grizzly trail scooter today

    Hey guys, I had a friend at work told me of a mini bike with "Grizzly" on it that he spotted at an antique/refurbished furniture store. I couldn't resist and had to go check it out. I'm glad i did, the owner told me this mini wasn't in his line of business and he just wanted to move it...
  4. Putter

    Blazer Trail Bike

    Hey guys, Thought I'd start a thread on the rebuild of my 1960 (??) Blazer trail bike. I picked this up a couple months back at a garage sale for $120. Pretty much a complete bike, I believe it's the original 3hp Briggs with a later model shroud on it. These were built with a two...
  5. Putter

    Rotax 247cc

    Hey gang, Here's a goodie I picked up at a garage sale last weekend. The fellow had a 1966 Super Olympique Bombardier Ski Doo totally in pieces, fortunatly the engine was still complete. I couldn't resist this beautiful jewel, die cast shroud and all. 2 cycle, 247cc's , double Tillotson...
  6. Putter

    My 2 Cats

    Hi guys, I finished up the "cleanup" on my Cat 400X today. As usual, I can't leave well enough alone, so she got new powder coat on the frame, rebuilt the HS40 and lotsa other new goodies. I intend to do a project log thread on this rebuild as I took close to 500 pics along the way...
  7. Putter

    OldMiniBikes Warehouse, huh? For real?

    Daaaang! :freakout: I just placed an online order this morning and 19 minutes later I got the email that USPS has been notified to come pick it up! 19 minutes! How cool is that? Thanks OldMiniBikes Warehouse :bowdown: Bob
  8. Putter

    Another score! Honda CT70 this time

    Gees, I'm on a roll, two scores, two Fridays in a row! :freakout: Bought this ol' '71 Honda CT70 from a pal at work for a measly $100. Some goodies are missing, everything is worn out of course, but great starting material to fix up. Now I must decide which will be first on the agenda...
  9. Putter

    Scored a Blazer this morning

    Hey gang, Last night I spotted a Craigslist garage sale ad that included "1960's mini bike." Thought I'd drive the 20 some miles and see just what it was. Whoooo, was I surprised to see a complete old Blazer sitting there. The old boy selling it told me it hadn't been run in 10 years...
  10. Putter

    Cat clutch cover wanted

    Hey guys, I'm sweetening up my Cat 400X and it looks like the worst eyesore is the beat up clutch cover. Mine has an extra hole, dents and deep scratches in it. I'm looking for a NICE chrome one, I already have the correct new decal for it. Lemme know what you's a shot...
  11. Putter

    Cat 400X kill switch insert

    Hey guys, I was about to head to the store to pick up some walnut contact paper for my kill swith plate as Derekbmn had posted on his 400X thread. As I looked REALLY close, I noticed there is actually printing on it! Faded out it reads "The Cat" , with "THE" above "CAT" I was...
  12. Putter

    Found me a Cat 400x

    Hey gang, Sunday, I dropped in on an old friend I hadn't seen in quite some time. 10 years ago I had given him a Briggs 2hp cast iron engine and I was interested in getting it back. He told me he didn't remember it at all??? Oh well, I then told him that I was now into messing around with...
  13. Putter

    OMG!! This is too cool...

    Found this Craigslist ad for the western slope of Colorado. Tote-Goat Apprears to have a kick start, clutch and shifter, along with an old embossed Briggs. Looks very rusty in the important places, but what a fun project it would be. Anyone know what this is? I want it BAD, but...
  14. Putter

    Another beast in my garage

    Hey gang, Here's my lastest acquisition I picked up yesterday from a local CL ad. Seems like a strange combination to me and that's what attracted me to it! Looks to be an Asuza frame with a '99 Briggs 9hp ohv and a Comet Tav-2. It's a bit rough in places, I have a new Tav-2 cover on...
  15. Putter

    Show us your monster engine

    Hey gang, I picked up a deal on CL yesterday. A running 23A Briggs and free Wisconsin S-7D for $30. The Briggs is ultra cool, built in June of '59, 23 cubes, 9 HP and huge! 90 lbs or so of cast iron, about 19" tall with a 12" diameter shroud. The 7 horse Wisconsin is about 10...
  16. Putter

    Introducing "Sasquatch"

    Here's a sweety I picked up yesterday off CL. I nicknamed it Sasquatch . I was told the used frame was found sitting in a hill climb motorcycle shop about 16 years ago and was pieced back together. Looks to me to be a one of a kind, but if you recognize the frame, let me know. This baby...
  17. Putter

    Fox Doodle Bug serial number questions

    Hey guys, I'm fixing up my Fox Doodle Bug. I have a repop fork sticker for it on the way. As you know, the original has the serial number type written on it. I am wanting to transfer this number to the new sticker. My old sticker leaves a LOT to be desired, with very little of it left...
  18. Putter

    It's a Fox, but which one?

    Hi guys, I picked up this lil' beauty today. It was sold as a Fox Trail Bug, but it has a front suspension like a Doodle Bug. Yet it has a jackshaft in it, like a Trail Bug. It has an early build Tec HS40 engine, original? All that's left of the fork decal is "ug" So what's your...