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    Lil Indian 2 spd. set-up COMPLETE

    Clearing out some stuff. What's original: jackshaft, secondary clutch, one-way sprocket, secondary gear w/key and spacer, & two fiber washers. What's new: brand new one-way sprocket bearing {$15.00}, new retainer clips for the jackshaft, exact repro mtg. plate by John {Bikerscum}. Also includes...
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    1975 Ruttman NICE

    Beautifully re-done Ruttman. Candy Apple Red powder coat in VERY presentable shape {not mint, but still REAL nice}. New Old Stock 1982 Tecumseh HS50 {old style decal applied} with less than 1 hr. run time, runs perfect and STRONG. Brand new band brake, new bearings, chain, tires are excellent...
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    1967 Lil Indian 6000 Survivor Restore or Not?

    I purchased this bike last year, as shown in the first 3 photos. It's a late 1967 Lil Indian 6000 w/2 spd. trans. The fuel tank had been dented & poorly repainted, and there was some blue sealant between the carb. & tank. The tires were worn {especially the rear}, and the once white rims had...
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    1980's Lil Indian Frame & Forks

    Making some room sale... Mid-eighties Lil Indian frame & forks. This was the bolt together model they sold. It was all pro tig welded and brazed. It has a nice chain tensioner welded in place. There was once a sidecar attached but it was removed. You'll need to clean up the remnants of that...
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    MTD Western Flyer Trail Flite "SS400"

    Making some room sale... Survivor bike with original paperwork. Front & rear suspension model. Runs & drives great. The handlebars are SLIGHTLY tweaked. It never bothered me, but wanted to mention it. Easily fixed. $499.00 picked up. Ck. or m/o fine. Add 3% for PayPal. I'll ship for exact cost...
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    Cat Handlebars

    Cat handlebars, slightly tweaked. $20.00 plus shipping.
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    Trike + Snow = FUN!

    :scooter:Wards Dune-Cycle - YouTube
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    Mini Bike Mayhem Book

    Mini Bike Mayhem Vintage Mini Bike Book Rupp Bonanza Etc | eBay Anyone here?
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    1970 Lil Indian Saber Roller

    Since it's missing some hard to find parts, I'm leaning towards a non-original restoration.
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    V12 Snow Blower!
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    Lil Indian Throttle control sets & Ft. Peg Rubbers

    Looking for a few original Lil Indian throttle & grip sets. Also a few sets foot peg rubbers {longer style, not the cap type}. Need them for a 1967/68 model 6000, a 1970 model 7000, and a 1971 Sabre. Thanks!
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    Manco "Stars & Stripes" Chopper

    Survivor roller with later {1986 5 HP} Tecumseh. New throttle, clutch, & chain. Small plate added in front of engine plate. Rides Great, runs GREAT!!! $795.00 plus actual shipping. Ck. or m/o fine. Add 3% for PayPal. Questions? Ask away... Buyer can also substitute the 5 HP Tecumseh pictured on...
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    Cat disc Brake Assy.

    Complete {no handle or cable included} $89.00 shipped/PayPal'd
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    1960's Bug "Super Flea" Seat

    Original seat in EXC.+ condition. $299.00 shipped {lower 48}.
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    2007 Chopper?

    Any idea who made this? Thanks in advance!
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    Close call for Mr. Winkles!

    Behind my house is a wetlands preservation site. At any given time there's 8-12 feral cats calling it their home. It seems to be a favorite spot to abandon your no longer wanted cat.:hammer: There's also deer, turkey, fox, fisher cats, skunks, possums, squirrels, groundhogs, and COYOTE. I've...
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    1967 130202 5 HP Briggs and Stratton

    Real nice motor. Model #130202 Code #0143-01 Type #6710277. Runs as good as it looks. Governor linkage carefully removed but included. $225.00 plus actual ship. Add 3% for PayPal.
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    Mini Cycle Pinball Ad

    Who has one? :scooter:
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    $2,500.00 Clinton

    Army Motor Bike Motor or Go Kart Motor for Military Never Used Mint 1950s | eBay
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    Two Stroke V-8

    2stroke V8 - YouTube