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    Wanted: Speedway 14" wheel front fender

    Any condition is fine. Looking for a 14" wheel Speedway front fender (and mount bracket if you have it.) Used on models like blue angle, green horn, red baron, widow maker. Thanks!
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    Wanted: Speedway gas tank (10" wheel model)

    Looking for a 1971-1974 style Speedway 10" wheel GAS TANK. any sort of condition is fine. Also clutch cover, again any condition. thanks!
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    wanted: speedway clutch cover

    Looking for a Speedway clutch cover. any condition. thank you!
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    Speedway front fork springs...

    I really like the 10" and 14" wheel Speedway mini bikes. But they both share a common problem... the front fork springs are too soft. Has anyone found a good replacement for these springs? The original compression springs for the front forks were 6" long, 1" OD, .775" ID, wire diameter .100"...
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    Speedway parts needed

    Looking for 1971-1973 speedway parts (models with 10" wheels)... handlebars, gas tank, clutch cover, front fork springs... please direct email thanks!
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    Wanted: Speedway 10" rear drum brake

    Would love to buy a 10" Speedway rear brake drum assembly if anyone has one laying around. Need the part that holds the shoes. The drum itself would be nice, but could live without that part if not available. thanks!
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    Arctic Cat Climber

    Finished an Arctic Cat Climber mini bike. I bought it from a guy in downtown Detroit. It was pretty much still all there, but in molested condition. Luckily most of the parts were Ok like the seat and gas tank and headlight. The motor is a Tecumseh 4hp with one of my self cut cams, a 22mm slide...
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    Wanted: Rupp 12" front wheel

    Looking for a 12" Rupp front wheel as used on say a Roadster2 or an Enduro or even a Black Widow. Condition is not that important, but need the entire wheel/tire/brake. thanks!
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    Sears Roper All Terrain questions...

    I traded a guy for a 1972 Sear All Terrain roper (wrong engine.) But the big problem is the torque converter was changed out for a centrifugal clutch/band brake system. Also the jackshaft was not original. I would like to put a torque convert (and HS50) and original style jackshaft back on the...
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    Tecumseh LH195 versus the HS50/HSSK50

    I have a *ton* of Tecumseh powered mini bikes. Way too many. But they all share one thing, the Tecumseh HS50 family (though a few have HS40 engines.) By family I mean HSSK50 and HS50 (which are pretty equivalent), rated at 5 horse power. The only real change happened in the 1990s when Tecumseh...
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    Murray Track 2 advertising?

    Has anybody seen any Murray Track2 advertising? I heard these were sold at Kmart around 2000-2002. But i could not find any advertising showing this minibike for sale anywhere (walmart, kmart, tractor supply)...
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    Tecumseh HS40 HS50 connecting rod improvement thoughts

    I have been modifying my HS40 and HS50 engines for a bit more power. The dynocam 245/255 cams are no longer available (unless special ordered and core sent), so I make my own version... I've demonstrated that with my custom cam grinder. But the one thing... the one part... the thing that BREAKS...
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    Tecumseh HS40 versus H40

    In 1997 Tecumseh states in their product catalog that the HS40 is "discontinued production" (except if there's a larger order for that motor.) And in 1998 they release the H40 engine. My question is why? The H40 is really just an H35... why label an H35 as four horse power and call it H40? Below...
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    Arco easy rider 2 help needed

    Does anybody have some pictures of an original Arco easy Rider model 2? Like in the ad below, the right side Minibike. Thanks!
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    Tecumseh 1989 and later blower housings...

    does anybody need this stuff? or do i just recycle it... direct email
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    Minibike insurance

    Does anybody have a street legal Minibike and if they do, who do they use for insurance? I’m in Michigan. like to have insurance for just a few months in the summer and keep a Honda CT 70 street legal. I was using Allstate but it $40 a month it seemed expensive. I probably only ride on the...
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    Rebuilding a Gas Tank

    I have a Gemini, which is pretty original except for the gas tank. It has some dumb wheezer tank, it looks crazy. So i got talking to this speedway guy (former member here, you may remember him), and he wanted some old shrike/scarab jackshafts/drivens that i have (on speedways i change them out...
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    Super Bronc vt1015 - don't buy from a plumber

    Some time ago, when i trusted people in the mini bike world, i bought a Heald Super Bronc (probably a vt1015). It was modifed, painted an ugly green. Had a honda gx160 engine and a standard clutch with a band brake. But the fenders were there. Also have an empty jackshaft bracket and gas tank...
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    Vintage 1970 Broncco tx2/tx1

    So when in 1971, i saved up snow shoveling and lawn money to buy my first mini bike. went to Kelly's mini bike shop in Rochester NY, and for some odd reason, ended up buying a Broncco TX2 (orange.) Here's a picture of me and my new bike: When I got back into mini bikes, i never thought i...
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    Wanted: Rupp 1971-1975 rear fender 12" wheel

    anybody have a Rupp 1971-1975 rear fender for a 12" wheel bike? color not important. beat up condition or otherwise is fine. thank you!