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  1. wildman

    1966 Original Spurry-Rand Tri-Cart

    The pictured trike is not a Sperry Rand Tricart.
  2. wildman

    Trike Collection Group Photo (Finally!)

    Photo is from a few years ago. Current model mix is a little dfferent but total count is the same.
  3. wildman

    RUPPSTER- Kohler engine info

    Pretty sure Ruppsters came with JLO L230.
  4. wildman


    I don't know specifically about Snowco, but normally there is an integral adjuster on the brake end of the cable.
  5. wildman

    Old Minibike magazines

    I would like to see the Tricart article in the April 71 issue. Photocopy or scan is ok. PM for best way to transfer. Thanks.
  6. wildman

    Old Minibike magazines

    Are you selling or offering to scan the articles? Interested in the April 71 issue.
  7. wildman


    @CaptNugget ... you need to finally get that thing going!
  8. wildman


    Very cool! Pretty rare to see video of one of these running, especially with apparent original 2-stroke and rear tires. This video of one of mine is old but I have had it out and running within past 2 years.
  9. wildman

    Mini Bike Collection Photos

    Sperry Rand trikes
  10. DSC05338.JPG


    Tricub with replacement wheels/tires
  11. 0514111216-00.jpg


    Tricub wheel adapters
  12. IMG_20141221_141810289.jpg


    Tricub replacement wheels/tires
  13. wildman

    Vintage out of production Firestone Balloon tires
  14. wildman

    Vintage out of production Firestone Balloon tires

    These tires were designed for maximum flotation, only requiring 2-3 psi. Normal tires would not stay seated on the rims at these pressures. There were different sizes too, based on inflated circumference. Most of the 6x6 amphibious vehicles, including the Sperry Wedge, used 63" or 65". The...
  15. wildman


    No video, but some reading and photos from the SPD newletter.
  16. wildman

    JLO 230 flywheel question

    I’ve had a couple of these motors apart since it’s the same as used on the Sperry Rand Tricarts. I recall having the same dilemma, but for me there was evidence inside the keyway as to which one was used. Unfortunately, I never documented this for future reference. Also I was surprised that...
  17. wildman

    2 Sperry Rand Tricubs - restoration project thread

    Not a whole lot of progress since last check in. Unit A has had the body installed and test running since about Sept. Unit B still on the lift table requiring a few tweaks before I install the body. Unit A pretty much only needs decals installed and seat cover to be called complete. The seat...
  18. wildman

    Removing tire from wheel Sperry rand tricart

    I'm curious about what tires you found to fit these rims.
  19. wildman

    Removing tire from wheel Sperry rand tricart

    There’s no magic trick to dismounting these tires. It's just a conventional tire bead and seat. The rims can’t be split. They can be messy to dismount because the rims are deep and tires are usually old and dry. The small 6" size doesn't give you a lot of flexibility around the bead. Use lots...
  20. Seat pattern

    Seat pattern