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Mini Bike & Go-Kart Parts

  1. jakedmoe

    Frankenstein 2016 jakedmoe custom Anything Goes Class

    Hey Guys! im back for this years build off! I couldn't be more excited to build another custom for this amazing minibike world. Would like to start off by thanking OldMiniBikes for the opportunity and Joe from Joe's Minibike Reunion for letting me in his words "HAVE FUN" with his pile of parts which he...
  2. jakedmoe

    Question for Drag Guys.

    Looking for a good disc clutch for my blockzilla drag bike, if anyone has a decent used one? or a good recommendation on a new one?
  3. jakedmoe

    Moe's Drag Bike

    Hey guys back at it! here are some pics of my new drag bike that kind of has a cafe twist.
  4. jakedmoe

    Final Video Moes 420cc

    Here is my buddy Ryan riding the 420 CC CHOPPER. Ill post pics here by the end of the day JAKE MOE'S PHANTOM RIDER - YouTube
  5. jakedmoe

    Final video moes 420 cc

  6. jakedmoe

    Moe's Open Class 420cc chopper

    For this build up I will be building a custom minibike chopper style frame, me and my buddy had a 100 dollar off coupon for a 420cc predator engine so thats what will power this machine, i will use a 6" rim with a tall ribbed tire and a 20" hd bike rim up front with a bmx style street slick...