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    Lil Indian 2 spd. set-up COMPLETE

    Clearing out some stuff. What's original: jackshaft, secondary clutch, one-way sprocket, secondary gear w/key and spacer, & two fiber washers. What's new: brand new one-way sprocket bearing {$15.00}, new retainer clips for the jackshaft, exact repro mtg. plate by John {Bikerscum}. Also includes...
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    Look what I found in the snowbank today!!

    Congrats, what a deal!:thumbsup:
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    OldMiniBikes Warehouse

    Congrats Hent! :thumbsup:
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    1975 Ruttman NICE

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    lil indian "bullbutter-part Deux"

    Looks awesome Markus, what a cool project! :thumbsup:
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    CL Find Motovox MBX-11

    Congrats, it looks practically new. :thumbsup:
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    Early Sears drover

    NICE find, cool exhaust, congrats! :thumbsup:
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    JFFC "ratty spyder"

    Looking good so far :thumbsup:, and a frame sandblasted for only $20.00!!! I gotta' move to Michigan... :laugh:
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    Harrison Bobcat 2 Hr. Build

    Well, I just scared myself! :laugh: Been working on the Harrison Bobcat. This is one I bought local last year. It had a poorly replaced section of frame, and the engine plate was messed with. I had the frame fixed real nice, left the engine plate alone for now, had it sand-blasted, and finally...
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    Nasty Indian

    Looks like it's gonna' be a cool one! :thumbsup:
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    Tacos on the grill

    Cool bikes! :thumbsup: Wish I had a Taco. :scooter:
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    This better not interrupt my mini career...

    Hope all goes well Randy!
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    Trail King time again

    Beautiful country there... Have fun!
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    1975 Ruttman NICE

    New deal... The Ruttman is now available as a roller for $449.00 [I robbed the NOS Tecumseh engine off the Ruttman for my Outlaw Chopper}, or with a GREAT running 5 HP Tecumseh {pictured above} @ $649.00 picked up from 02747. Add 3% for PayPal. If you want it shipped, add exact shipping cost...
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    Happy Birthday Harley's Papa!

    Happy Birthday Randy! :thumbsup::happybday:
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    Another Pinewood Derby Thread - Districts!

    Congrats! :thumbsup:
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    The Official MINI BIKE SEAT Thread

    Bug Super Flea.
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    I've got FORKS!

    Congrats! :thumbsup: