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Mini Bike & Go-Kart Parts

  1. Rowedoo


    Got tired of my wrench's getting scattered everywhere in my tool bag......So I came up with this to try to keep them together .
  2. Rowedoo

    Denny's trike build

    Starting with a bunch of partsThen the rough mock up .
  3. Rowedoo

    Dennys trike build

    Starting with a bunch of old parts
  4. Rowedoo

    Check this out

    Thank you Karen for the beautiful work.....14,000 Stiches . :scooter:
  5. Rowedoo

    No fire

    When I bought this bike it had no fire....So I replaced the spark plug....Still no fire....So I replaced the points and condenser....Still no fire....So I replaced the coil....Still no fire....un hooked kill switch wire ....Still no fire....What should I do next ?:scooter:
  6. Rowedoo

    New rides entry: 1972 Alexander-Reynolds 4609

    Rowedoo 1979 Alexander-Reynolds 4609 My first Mini bike....Should be a fun project....I stumbled onto this bike at a customers house while installing a minisplit.
  7. Rowedoo

    Hello all !

    Hi guys ......This is my first time on this site.....I have never had a mini bike until the other night when i bought one.....Must be my second child hood