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  1. superflea

    Normally don't like crotch rockets but this one's kinda cool
  2. superflea

    Tires on a Super Bronc

    So I am giving my VT8-12 to my Daughter-in-law for weekend camping trips. While cleaning it up and making it pretty, I noticed a lot of weather checking on the tires. With the original Carlisle tires the bike is a bit jiggy to ride. Does anyone have experience with maybe thinner, taller tires...
  3. superflea

    Good Info For Getting Your Nuts Off.

    Penetrating Oil Showdown Episode 2. Will Seafoam Deep Creep prevail? - YouTube
  4. superflea

    They Call Him Speedy for Short But Not For Long

    180hp R1 Go Kart Passes a Cop and runs away(131mph) - YouTube
  5. superflea

    Happy New Year To All You Mini Bike Nuts!!

    Let's hope 2021 is better than 2020. TAKE THAT COVID AND SHOVE. Live long prosper, Friends.
  6. superflea

    A Shop Vac That Really Sucks!

    I am looking for a recommendation for a shop vac that actually does what it's supposed to do. I currently have the large Shop Vac brand and a large Rigid vac that has dolly wheels and a dolly-type handle. Unfortunately they BOTH suck but not in a good way. Neither one has been very strong...
  7. superflea

    Here's another beauty.
  8. superflea

    This True Hero Really had a Set!

    Chuck Yeager, the Legendary Pilot Who Broke the Sound Barrier, Dies at 97 (
  9. superflea

    Check this one out.

    Not mine. Rose Rambler - general for sale - by owner (
  10. superflea

    Check it out.
  11. superflea

    Using a gear box for a jackshaft

    What I would like to do is the forward/nuetral and reverse as a jackshart. The driven fits perfectly over the threads but is too small to fit over the shaft. Do you guys think I could ream the driven out and could I do it on my drill press. We are talking like 2 mil to make fit. Or should I...
  12. superflea

    Interesting !!! Nice looking product
  13. superflea

    Bonanza MX1300tcs

  14. superflea

    Picture of ST100 seat
  15. superflea

    Murray Go Kart

    So I have been looking for a full suspension kart for the grand kids and I did some swapping and got this Murray roller. I am looking for advice on running the pictured B&S 8hp I have with a TC. It is a 1" shaft Briggs. It looks like there was some sort of jackshaft but that is all missing...
  16. superflea

    To Whoever Was Looking For A New Bike These look pretty awesome for Chini Mini
  17. superflea

    Boy, this brings back memories

    Me, my Mom and my Stepdad and of course3 my original SuperFlea. Man I had some fun times ridin' the alleyways and foothills of SoCal with my minibike cronies!!