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    Montgomery Wards T555

    Hello OldMiniBikes fellas. I just picked up a T555 from Facebook marketplace for $300. Frame seems to be in decent shape. The guy I bought it from said he got just a rolling frame and he rigged up brakes, throttle and engine. He got it operable but it’s quite sloppy. You can see here that he trying to...
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    WANTED: Doodlebug seat. The newer curved.

    Hi all. Bought a doodlebug mini bike for my son. Great condition but the seat was eaten by the previous owner's puppy. I'm looking to buy one if anyone has one for sale. Thanks for looking.
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    1 inch grip

    Hi OldMiniBikes! I have a grip problem that has stumped me today. I am fixing up a K&S Hornet. I bought a predator 212 and a Mikuni carb. There are 2 problems: 1. The bars are not 7/8" size, they are 1". This greatly limits my twist throttle options. 2. The throttle cable came with a connection that...
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    Mikuni 22mm

    I've been riding the bike around after completing it and it runs pretty well. I bolted the mikuni 22mm carb from right up to the motor and it runs pretty well. i know this has been discussed in the past but i'm having trouble finding it. the bike runs better with the choke...
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    Rat Rod/junk

    Greetings. I am new to the website but i'm madly in love. i just got the mini bike sickness a few weeks ago, and boy do i have it bad. i picked up a mini bike off craigslist for $150. no idea where the frame is from. i have searched lots of pics and can't find one exactly like it to tell me...