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Mini Bike & Go-Kart Parts

  1. capguncowboy

    Bonanza Hodaka ACE 100 engine in a box (e-code)

    I have an E-Code engine disassembled and packed up in a box. I think it's all there but I'm not expert on these. I bought it like this with intentions of rebuilding it, but have since lost interest in the project. It's been sitting in a box in my office for about 2 years now and needs to find a...
  2. capguncowboy

    Bonanza California Kart decals

    I have two of these decals available. $25 each or $45 for both. Price includes shipping
  3. capguncowboy

    Saying goodbye to an old friend... err... mini bike :)

    I picked up my Gilson mini bike a long time ago. It was the first nice mini bike I owned. At the time, my plans were to keep it forever. It was missing quite a few parts but for the most part, it was in really nice condition. I spent the better part of that weekend breaking it down and cleaning...
  4. capguncowboy

    Parting out a Complete Cat All American Slingshot

    No one showed any interest in the whole bike so I'm parting it out... Prices coming
  5. capguncowboy

    1972 Cat Slingshot All American Survivor

    This is a 1972 Cat Slingshot All American. This is a rare bird and they don't come up very often. Lots of life left in this one. Nice and straight frame/forks, no cracks or repair jobs that I noticed when I gave it a quick wipedown. This one has all of the hard-to-find Cat parts and a fresh set...
  6. capguncowboy

    Atwood-Butler kickstand for Bonanza and others

    Misting the internal pins but otherwise in great shape $75 shipped
  7. capguncowboy

    Kelsey Hayes 200M Brake Caliper (Cat and others)

    KH 200M cat brake caliper. Disassembled and cleaned. Complete and not broken. There is a little chain rash on the left side, but you'll never see it once installed. Rust was removed from steel pieces and the dust/grime was mostly removed from the aluminum parts, but they could all use a little...
  8. capguncowboy

    Tecumseh Serial ID Plates

    I've got 4 Tecumseh Serial plates available. All of them are straight and include the original rivets. See picture for details 1969 Rupp Scrambler H35-45210G, Serial 9129 - (bottom right) $35 Sears (Minibike correct) 1971 H50 tag 143-815062 Serial 1054R (top right) $30 Sears (Minibike...
  9. capguncowboy

    Heald Hauler -- not mine It's for sale about 3 miles from me for $2000. No idea if they'll come down on the price, but it's a super nice survivor
  10. capguncowboy

    Lil Indian Clutch Guard

    Really nice condition. Chrome is really clean. The decal is in great shape but does have a small pick/scrape above the first N. No mounting hardware is included $375 plus shipping OBO
  11. capguncowboy

    Heathkit Hilltopper Decals

    Clutch cover decals, with an extra emblem, $15 shipped
  12. capguncowboy

    Alsport Trike in East Tennessee

    I am listing this for my brother. He picked it up in Windber in 2016 and rode it all weekend, brought it home and stashed it in his garage. It hasn't been ridden since. Runs great and works like it should. No seat pad on it. Located in Bluff City, TN (about 4 miles from Bristol Motor...
  13. capguncowboy

    1971 Slanted Tecumseh HS40

    not currently running but it seems to have good compression and has a nice spark. I'm selling this as a regulable engine. head has two cracked fins on the corner above the exhaust (see pic) $300 shipped
  14. capguncowboy

    NOS Tecumseh H30/H35 20 Over piston 32549B

    new in box with wrist pin and retaining rings. $25 shipped
  15. capguncowboy

    Box Lot, Mini bike hardware

    Big heavy box full of original mini bike hardware -- nuts and bolts, wheel crush tubes etc . A lot of good usable stuff. $25 shipped
  16. capguncowboy

    Mini Bike Axle Lot

    some are worn or rusty but most are solid useable condition. includes all spacers, washers and nuts as pictured. $40 shipped
  17. capguncowboy

    Huge Box Lot, Grips, Throttles, Cables, Foot Pegs

    Grab box full of goodies. this box is about 30 lbs. lots of useable stuff, and some not so useable. $50 shipped to your door
  18. capguncowboy

    Water Slide Tecumseh Decal sets (minibikepaul)

    these are new in the envelopes still. discounted to sell fast. prices include shipping. 4HP flag sets, $11 each or $35 for all 5HP Balloon sets, $11 each or $35 for all buy all 8 sets for $70 shipped
  19. capguncowboy

    Lot of Mini Bike user manuals, Rupp C500, Montgomery Ward (Gilson), Bonanza BC1100

    Rupp c500 is an original print, the others are reproduction $25 shipped for all
  20. capguncowboy

    Sincere's Mini-Bike Service Book (reproduction)

    this is pretty neat. lots of info on basics, and it goes in depth on a few different models. this is a reproduction. I have two copies available $10 shipped each