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  1. Ajf

    Speedway front fork rebuild

  2. Ajf

    Speedway front fork rebuild

    These are for late 70 and 71 forks. 72-73 are different.
  3. Ajf

    charge coils and flywheels...late models

    What’s the part number on the correct 3 magnet flywheel. I think I have one but the part numbers not on the part.
  4. Ajf

    Post a pic of your 1960 and 1970 rupp mini bikes in good condition

    My rupp xl350. Just ordered a seat from blackwidowmotorsports. Gonna mount the tires this weekend.
  5. Ajf

    Speedway front fender

    Looking for a nice speedway front fender for 10 inch wheel bike. It will be rechromed.
  6. Ajf

    The 2019 Windber minibike raffle build

    Is the crankshaft on this engine 5/8”?
  7. Ajf

    Speedway Wheel Hub

    That’s great man. I’ve made some in the past but getting machine time at work is hard since we no longer have a 2nd shift.
  8. Ajf

    Fox mini bike hub

    Sent text.
  9. Ajf

    Fox mini bike hub

    Looking for a hub for a 3 piece fox wheel.
  10. Ajf

    Speedway collections

    That wasn’t Bill Kraft . That was my friend Tim. I stayed at his camp last summer.
  11. Ajf

    Bonanza BC1300S/Go Power Wheel(s) Questions

    Wheel is the same. The gopower sprocket had threaded standoffs welded to it to mount. It would of been a #35 60 tooth.
  12. Ajf

    I need help with a Bonanza BC1000

    Dave miller has em but they’re a little pricey I think. Also the one Karen posted can work but it needs the correct bolt pattern drilled and from what I remember the bore is wrong size but it is the correct sprocket
  13. Ajf

    Sebac shocks for 68-69 rupp

    Found a set. Thanks Pat.
  14. Ajf

    Rupp Clutch Cover

    I would look for a continental cover that’s damaged and fuse the back half on it and half it rechromed.
  15. Ajf

    Rupp Clutch Cover

    Yeah. That was an xl500 (very hard to find) cover
  16. Ajf

    Sebac shocks for 68-69 rupp

    I’m looking for a restorable set of sebac shocks that were used on the 68-69 rupps
  17. Ajf

    1968 Rupp XL350

    Wrong engine.
  18. Ajf

    Speedway mini bike resurrection

    He has a 72-73 bike. They are different and had 6” converters (Fairbanks and salsbury) from the factory.
  19. Ajf

    Speedway mini bike resurrection

    Do what ole4 said. Get an nos Salisbury and use a 20 series comet. Late 73 speedways actually used the Salisbury 330. Not sure if your is 72 or 73 but all you have to do is bent a little section if it’s a 72. Here’s a photo of a stock setup on a late 73. The bent section is stock for mid 73 up.
  20. Ajf

    Bonanza - hodaka , found at car swap

    Your bike is a bc but someone put a set of mx forks on it and drilled holes to use the mx fender bracket. You can see the side tabs on the fender where it would mount to the bc forks. It also has an mb seat and wrong exhaust pipe. You can get an exhaust from dave miller. I would take the webco...