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  1. creed bennett

    HS40 Bolt sizes

    What are the size and thread count for the four bolt holes around the output shaft. I call myself having a decent bolt assortment but can’t find anything that will thread in them. Thanks in advance for the knowledge!
  2. creed bennett

    More of a motorcycle engine look

    What do you all call the metal that covers the cooling fins? I know the part where the pull rope is is the shroud. I was wondering if a engine like a predator for instance could be run without all the other pieces that cover the fins and assist in channeling the air through the shroud where the...
  3. creed bennett

    eBay Tecumseh Motorsports

    So did anyone else on here buy any of the Tecumseh Motorsport 5.5 racing engine kits On eBay? I bought one and liked it so much I decided to get another one. I haven’t built them yet but everything looks good about them. The guy is in Puerto Rico, $225 with billet rod (the ones I got) and $200...
  4. creed bennett

    Where do you cool guys get your cool wheels?

    I’ve seen picture of wheels that some of the custom builders use and I can’t find anything like them. Usually they’re nice aluminum rims with wide slicks or spoked wheels. I’m thinking these wheels and tire combinations are probably actually made for some other equipment.
  5. creed bennett

    It’s a Fox!

    And that’s all I know about it other than it has a Tecumseh motor that doesn’t run but that’s no big deal. What model is it? Approximate age? Rare?
  6. creed bennett

    I had a idea……

    And when I say that my friends and coworkers usually say, Oh $hi+! Yesterday I found a old tiller on FB Marketplace for cheap and decided to buy it for the Briggs engine to use on a future project. When I went to pick it up it didn’t appear to have been used much by the looks of the tines and...
  7. creed bennett

    Should I buy?

    I’m sorta new to the vintage market and I don’t know what brand/model this is. I’ve googled 70’s mini bikes and haven’t seen anything like this. I need some guru advice. It’s listed as 70’s mini bike. It’s about 15 miles from me. I know it’s a basket case but I’m thinking about throwing a offer...
  8. creed bennett

    Mini Bike steering

    Hello everyone! I’ve been lurking here for a few months and need help on the steering tube. I recently got the garage of my dreams built and I decided to build my own mini bike. My question is what do I use for the tube that the fork attaches to that has the bearings in it? Is there a kit you...