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    Tecumseh H35 and HS40

    I am looking for OEM engines for these two bikes. HS40 for my recently acquired Scout and a H35(I think is correct) for the MB1210. Complete engines of any condition are wanted. Rebuilt would be great/preferred. I am looking to put these back into original condition. It seems these are hard to...
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    What make/model is this?

    This is for sale near me. It is being advertised as a Cat 250X. It doesn't look like any pictures I've seen of a Cat 250X. I'm curious what it is. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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    What Bonanza did I get for Christmas?

    My wife gave me this Bonanza for Christmas! Going to have to keep her for a while. It has been redone and has a clone engine. I live in San Jose and grew up riding these as a kid. I think we rode BC1300's when we were kids(rigid frames with scrub brakes). I just wanted to know what model this...