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  1. Triley41395

    Super Bronc Value??

    I absolutely agree it depends on lots of different factors, living in central Ohio I'd pay more for a taco than I would a rupp because I see them for sale all the time. Someone from California might be exactly the opposite. As much as I don't know much about values I do like the no values rule.
  2. Triley41395

    California members best stock up on Predators/Hondas/Etc.

    Bought one for my son last Christmas and it was 135.00 shipped to my house. That's the only new one I've purchased. Don't know the in-store price in Dayton.
  3. Triley41395

    Clutch chain

    For the bushing I think I'm going to install a thick felt washed against the bushing and soak it in oil so hopefully the clutch bushing last longer. Have not done it yet because I haven't researched it enough to find the drawbacks like getting hot and burning. In theory it should help.
  4. Triley41395

    Help my Alexander Reynolds

    BMI is less than an hour north of Dayton.
  5. Triley41395 User Map

    The map is no more,you could add your location here but there is no map. I live near Dayton Ohio for instance.
  6. Triley41395

    Need help with identification..

    I think you'll have a hard time staying in that budget with powder coating, at the bare minimum I would have it sand blasted. It's my experience that tells me you will have a hard time getting paint to stick to that frame without blasting and some descent primer. The small stuff adds up pretty...
  7. Triley41395

    Need help with identification..

    First thing I would do is power wash the whole thing, then put penatrating oil on every part. Wait a couple days and put more on,then wait a little longer before trying to disassemble it. You will be forever trying to sand it,take it to a sandblasted and make sure that the frame is solid. If the...
  8. Triley41395

    Is this a 4or5hp slanted intake

    Thank you sir, that was quick
  9. Triley41395

    Is this a 4or5hp slanted intake

    I just got this today, I bought it because it looks like a tecumseh intake for a rupp or speedway I just don't know the difference between the 4hp and 5hp
  10. Triley41395

    New here, right forum??

    I'm pretty new at this but I'm thinking that the throttle you have on there can be made to work, if it were in front of me I would be more help. As for the clutch get one that is the right shaft size and since it is for a kid make sure that it can be installed with the sprocket towards the...
  11. Triley41395

    Anyone recognize this frame

    Yep it looks the same, 3 holes in the front seat mount and I in the rear.
  12. Triley41395

    Anyone recognize this frame

    Looks right, if it had fenders I would probably have bought it. Thanks
  13. Triley41395

    Anyone recognize this frame

    Just wanted to know what type of frame this is. I looked through a bunch of pictures but didn't see anything with these handlebars.
  14. Triley41395

    Any ideas?

    They are both briggs. There is a forum for briggs with plenty of knowledgeable people there.
  15. Triley41395

    Antique briggs and Stratton

    This is what it was mounted to,not sure what it was. I think that the tank with the copper tube coming out also belongs with the engine
  16. Triley41395

    Antique briggs and Stratton

    I definitely wouldn't scrap it, I'm sure there are at least some parts or pieces someone can use.
  17. Triley41395

    Antique briggs and Stratton

    I'm not sure what this was on,it had a handle and 1 wheel. Maybe for moving trailers or something. It's in my scrap pile, maybe I'll get a picture of it and someone will know. I just couldn't put this little guy in the junk.
  18. Triley41395

    Blue angel , green horn

    Nice bikes, I can't wait to get started on my speedway but have a lot of other projects first. Good luck with your search.
  19. Triley41395

    Antique briggs and Stratton

    Picked this up last weekend. Just wondering 1 if anyone can read the date code, I think 1947 just a guess, 2 is this desirable for any bike, 3 did they even make any sort of mini when this engine was built.
  20. Triley41395

    Ru-p Roadster 2 engine replacement

    It's over, your done...Before you know it you'll have 10 in your garage. Seriously if you want an easy to start, pretty low maintenance motor there is nothing wrong with the predators. But definitely keep that motor and have it fixed to your liking. I really prefer the look of the old tecumseh.