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    212cc valve lash

    i have a 212cc un governed with a 22mm slide carb. i lost valve lash at a mini bike race. brought it home and watched gray goat and did exactly what he did. i googled the valve lash for both valves. it was either impossible to pull start or to soft of pull start. any suggestions. im new to...
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    flat track mini bike frames

    anyone make and sell custom flat track mini bike frames
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    mtd trailflite seat

    does anyone make reproduction seats for mtd trailflites. like mine below
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    Chain Issues on Bt200X

    harbor frieght has a great chain break tool.
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    Wont start Coleman CT200-EX

    check plug. i had a brand new 1 foul on me 2 days after changin it
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    american racer 215

    anyone build a american racer 215 kit. thinking if getting one and using it as a flat track bike
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    Family photo

    my family photo
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    bonanza flat track racer

    thsnks 4 all pics. its helping me get inspired to build my race bike
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    bonanza flat track racer

    thanks i messaged him for pics
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    bonanza flat track racer

    has anyone built a flat track racer out of a bonanza frame. trying to get inspired for my upcoming build
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    stretching a scat tracker.

    w i never see any trikes availabke in my area often
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    stretching a scat tracker.

    has anyone streched a scat tracker frame before. im over 6ft and my knees hitting handlebars. my buddy who has done frame stretchs on other buddys dunecycles before. any suggestions or advice
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    zooma tyrod

    anyone do a full suspension zooma tyrod. i seen 1 on youtube. but thats all. love to see yours
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    19x7-8 sunf power 2

    i building a full suspension bike and i want to use 19x7-8 sunf power 2. i worried they wont get very round on top and be more flat on top. if u understand what im saying. any pics if u got wouks be great
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    sears puddle jumper parts

    there rough but can be cleaned up
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    sears puddle jumper

    i picked this up yesterday. the lady i bought it from bought it because she wanted yard ard. once i started removing parts maybe it should have stayes yard art. its rusty and crusty. the forks the worst part. they been damaged and re welded badly. any suggestion for a quick any easy fork swap ot etc
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    79cc issues

    so i opened the valve cover and found the push rods and rockers not even onto eachother correctly. i cant find my feeler gauge put so will have to wait until i buy a new set
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    79cc issues

    sorry forgot about this post. i did run it for a few mins before i removed the gov all the way. i will check valves. anyone know the valve lash for these 79cc
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    79cc issues

    i got a 79cc with a 19mm carb and gov delete. its got spark and fuel to carb. but nothing. compression feels week. it was a new out of box engine. any help
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    romper trike

    i got this romper trike last weekend. looking for repo decals for it. any suggestions to were would be great