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  1. Triley41395

    Is this a 4or5hp slanted intake

    I just got this today, I bought it because it looks like a tecumseh intake for a rupp or speedway I just don't know the difference between the 4hp and 5hp
  2. Triley41395

    Anyone recognize this frame

    Just wanted to know what type of frame this is. I looked through a bunch of pictures but didn't see anything with these handlebars.
  3. Triley41395

    Antique briggs and Stratton

    Picked this up last weekend. Just wondering 1 if anyone can read the date code, I think 1947 just a guess, 2 is this desirable for any bike, 3 did they even make any sort of mini when this engine was built.
  4. Triley41395

    Which gaskets for 5hp briggs

    Here's the story with this engine. This was a methanol cart motor and Apparently if you placed in a race they took your motor apart to inspect it. It's just a bunch of parts right now but I'm going to try my hand at rebuilding it. It's been apart since the 90's just laying in a box. How can I...
  5. Triley41395

    Swap 73 H50 lighting coil to 71 H50

    So I go a 73 troy built tiller with a lighting coil but the engine is stuck. I pulled the flywheel to look and make sure that it did have the lighting coil but when I put the flywheel back on the crank broke. I do have a running craftsman 5hp tecumseh that I could put the coil on. I know that I...
  6. Triley41395

    Spark but no fire

    So I bought what I now know is a gemini mini. The motor has spark but will not fire. Don't know if it makes a difference but it's an hs50. I changed the plug and checked for spark but still not firing. Can a blown head gasket cause this or low compression, I have not checked that yet. Any...
  7. Triley41395

    Looking for torque

    So I'm looking for suggestions on what motor/setup to put on a cushman scooter. I know it not a minibike but it's what my wife would like and I am going to get it done. My problem is I don't have alot of the original parts and brackets so I want to go with a clutch or converter. The thing...
  8. Triley41395

    Speedway and rupp or 2 Speedways

    The all black I'm sure is a speedway but not sure about the blue black one. The seat pan looks like a rupp but the tank looks more like a speedway.
  9. Triley41395

    10" Yuan-ta spokes

    Trying to see what's out there or if new ones can be ordered. As of now I only need 3 but I would really like to remove all of them to do the rims but if I don't find them I'm not going to remove what's there. If you have some or know where I could possibly get some please let me know. Thanks
  10. Triley41395

    A couple unknown beaters

    Any ideas on what they are. I just can't help myself I like buying beaters. I mainly got them because of the wheels but might try to fix them. I think they are a mixture of bikes. Can't believe someone cut out a piece of the frame.
  11. Triley41395

    Lighted Tecumseh Vrs. Alternator equipped Briggs

    Wondering if these are essentially the same. Will either one, or both, charge a battery with lights that don't turn off while the bike is being ridden.
  12. Triley41395

    What did I just buy 1950's/60's

    Maybe a Cushman..not sure but my wife had to have it. I'm keeping the motor for myself.
  13. Triley41395

    Anything coming up in Ohio??

    Any swap meets or rides coming up in Ohio. Someone told me that they heard about something in the Hocking Hill area.
  14. Triley41395

    Crank sizes

    Did tecumseh use different size crank diameters on the same size engines. I'm asking this question because my brother has a motor with HS40 on the shroud but it has a 1 inch crank. The HS40 I have is 3/4 crank.
  15. Triley41395

    Unidentified purchase

    It's rough I know, but I think it might be an arctic cat. For 80 bucks I couldn't say no.
  16. Triley41395

    Comet torque converter 1" to 3/4 adapter

    This is what I have I was going to use on a rupp but it's 1 inch and the engine is 3/4. Can't seem to find the splined part in 3/4. Does anyone know if there is such a part or should I just abandon this idea and get something else. I've been to comet site and don't see it. Any advice would be...
  17. Triley41395

    Rupp Enduro

    This will be my next project. Picked it up today and can't wait to finish the Roper and get started. It's no missing to many parts. Not sure what I'm going to do yet, maybe a full redo maybe not.
  18. Triley41395

    Bird duck maybe?

    Just bought this because I needed the brake pad for my Roper. Just looking at pictures maybe a duck or scat cat. If I'm way off don't give me too much grief.
  19. Triley41395

    Is this a rupp?

    Wondering what this is considering buying it.
  20. Triley41395

    Sears Roper chain tensioner

    Does anyone know if the Roper without a jackshaft had a chain tensioner. I can't find any good pictures of that area on line without the cover installed. If anyone has pictures that would help.