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  1. DonK

    Question about the Lil' SOB trike

    Anyone know what engine came in the Lil' SOB (Snow or Beach) trike? There isn't much information online that I've found. The pictures look like a Tecumseh, probably 8 horse, but I'm not sure if that was stock.
  2. DonK

    Dunecycle stuff

    I finally got around to picking up all the stuff that a friend was holding for me a couple states away (thanks Scott!). We haven't sorted everything out yet but there are lots of NOS parts including a JLO 340 twin and never-used frame. Some pretty cool stuff! The trike on the left is a Rupp Rat...
  3. DonK

    Found another Tricub!

    When I sold my last Tricub, I got so much grief from my sons that I had to find another. This one is in much better shape than the last one was when I found it and much more complete. It'll be a fun winter project and I'm told that I can never sell this one.
  4. DonK

    El Burro 5

    My son and a good friend from racing surprised me with this beauty last week. I had one just like it as a kid and a "Super 8" a while later. This thing is very, very nice and I can't get over the gesture. Only problem is that I'm afraid to ride it for fear I'll scratch it!
  5. DonK

    Any idea what this is (was)?

    I'm putting together a mini for my grandson and I've had this frame for a while, don't know what it is. Looks to be quite a few foreign pieces welded to it, and the guy I bought it from told me there was a sidecar welded to it when he got it. It will be interesting to know who made it if you can...
  6. DonK

    new (to me) Mohave!

    My son just went to pick this up for me on Saturday. It needs work, but looks beautiful to me. It was a competitor in the 70s in the old NATVA east circuit and won a lot of races. The engine bottom end is tight, but the previous owner was running alcohol so it's to be expected. Can't wait to get...
  7. DonK

    Dunecycle springer

    I finally got my DC springer- had to drive a long way to get it, but it was worth it! The previous owner had done a lot of work and did a good job, but had moved the seat forward in order to fit the fuel tank in front of the engine. I'm not a tall guy, but there wasn't room for even me to ride...
  8. DonK


    I've had the machine for quite a while and finally was goaded into getting into the project. Locating parts was the hardest facet of the job, but it's finally coming together. CaptNugget; remember this one?
  9. DonK

    Snowco Mini-scat

    Almost have this one ready for the grandkids. Thanks to Smudvapor for finding it for us and picking it up! Once the controls are done and we tweak the jackshaft a little, we will put up a vid of the youngsters testing it out. The steering pivot was worn out, so we cut the old tube off and welded...
  10. DonK

    Attex ATX50

    I found another old picture of a bike I no longer have. I really miss this one, but a guy made me an offer I couldn't refuse.
  11. DonK

    El Burro

    Here's a picture of my son's El Burro. It started life as a "Super 8" I think, but when it came to us it was no more than a frame, front fender, axles and handlebars. We got lucky and a friend had an NOS front flotation rib tire and the rest we scrounged or fabricated. He wanted a CVT system so...
  12. DonK

    Road trip!

    My son and I went on along road trip- two days on the road and two new project trikes to show for it: an RTS and a Tricart. Long ride with not much sleep but worth it, and we got to see CaptNugget's collection!
  13. DonK


    The video is from a few years back but the Tricart is still on a shelf in the shed. The JLO 230 is tired, but I found an NOS top end kit on line and it's just waiting to be installed. Someone changed the loop handlebar for a set from a bicycle by the looks of it, so I'll have to deal with that...
  14. DonK


    This one was in really rough shape when we got it, but nearly complete. It made a wonderful pit bike for a year or so and then we sold it- sort of wish we'd kept it.
  15. DonK

    vintage trike racing

    Here is a picture from 1972 or 3. The trikes raced the same courses as the amphibs, but bypassed the deep mud holes. Those guys were fearless, and amazingly fast. I loaded this pic onto a 6x6 site and now can't find the original, so here's a copy of the one from there. I hope that's okay- the...
  16. DonK

    Snoco trike

    New member here: very nice site. We picked this up through a friend really cheap and have been using it as a pit bike. I don't remember them from the 70s but it was a pretty simple task to get it back into running condition. Has a small Comet CVT system. We also got a smaller version with a...