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    WTB - Rolling Frame - Lil Indian, Bonanza, MTD, Sears, Etc..,Type/Style Mini Bike Frame

    Looking for a rolling frame. Not looking for $25 junk or $650 gold. Something reasonable that isn't all busted up, bent and rusty. Obviously, the more it has, the more I'd be willing to pay, ,i.e..., suspension, ,fenders, seat, jackshaft, etc... Will pay reasonable shipping, i.e.., $50...
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    Mikuni VM22 Carb Throttle Cable Issue

    Went to install a genuine Mikuni carb. on my Trailmaster MB200-2 with Tillotson 212 engine. The overall outside cable sheath length is correct for the mini bike. The problem is that the inside cable with barrel ends is approximately 1/2" too long. I've adjusted at both the grip and carb. end...
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    Tillotson 212 - Mikuni 22 mm or 24 mm Carb?

    Looking for some advice/recommendations on Mikuni carbs on the following. Building a Tillotson 212 engine to use on a Trailmaster mini bike. Engine has governor removed, CS grind .265 lift cam, billet flywheel w/8 degrees advance, ARC rod, 26# valve springs, 27mm intake and 24mm exhaust valves...