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    2-Speed clutch problem

    measure the clutch if its 3inch wide you need a 3 inch pto if you look at your picture you posted the shaft is to short,the pto has to extend slightly past the clutch,If its workin now I think your spinning the bushings in the clutch bells it will come apart
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    2-Speed clutch problem

    I measured the clutch its three inches wide if you put it on a 2 1/4 pto it will be 3/4 inch recessed in the clutch,it cant work the clutch has to float,the pto shaft has to extend past the clutch the bolt and washer is not there to compress the clutch but flush to pto shaft.pto shaft needs to...
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    2-Speed clutch problem

    just measured one of my fox clutches its three inches wide you need a three inch pto
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    2-Speed clutch problem

    when you put the clutch on the pto shaft should extend slightly past the clutch,the washer rest directly on the shaft when bolted down the clutch bells rotate freely.If the pto shaft is recessed in the clutch the washer will be compressing on the clutch stopping it from free wheeling ,I think if...
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    Be careful....Lots of scammers

    you have everthing just build a bike
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    Be careful....Lots of scammers

    I find it funny when they get caught there all the same.The pity me Im a new member shouldnt be treated like this.Then they reverse the blame back at you and then Im a nice person. Thank you to all the members that caught this
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    2021 build off 1968 Taco 44

    I know its a little tight when i was installing the pegs I started with 4 inch,orignal is 2 1/4 cut the left down to 3 tried it it seamed ok with engine in. Cut right to 3 see what its like when I ride it. if its a problem I will length it, Thanks Mark
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    2021 build off 1968 Taco 44

    had to make a brake lever used a azusa arm it has a double square ran a weld on both sides and filed the rectangle.made the wheel spacers.Im using the pork chop air cleaner I have to rotate a 1/4 turn to clear the throttle it then ends up overtop of muffler so i put in a elbow. Jackshaft cables left
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    Wanted : K&H Caliper actuator pin

    blackwindowmotorsports sell push pins for caliper.
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    5” Taco wheels

    theres a pair on ebay
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    How/What do you use to Polish Parts to be chromed?

    I do all my own polishing ,the plater I use is industrial thousands of pieces a day,He does mostly new product chairs tables racks,He does inhouse polishing and also truck loads from polishing companys for chrome.I have delt with them for about 20 years.I drop my parts off they hang them and...
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    WANTED - Brake Cable With Brake Light Switch

    try blackwidow motor sports just bought one for a speedway
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    Mini bike identification

    looks like it started out as a Keystone deluxe
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    2021 build off 1968 Taco 44

    cleaned up the wheels gave them a light sand blast used 120 240 sand paper red and green scuff pads. A member is selling taco sprockets on ebay I picked one up 60t 35 chain 4 1/2 centre hole. if your drum is good just cut off old one and weld on new one
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    Stellar BB?

    Black Beauty
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    2021 build off 1968 Taco 44

    tins on,I always use two carb to tank gaskets to stop leaks,starting on wheels
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    Fox Doodlebug or Trail Bug Fenders

    the member that made the fenders.foot pegs clutch guards was Scottessey,he hasnt been on for a couple of years ,send him a pm and see what happens
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    2021 build off 1968 Taco 44

    made up clutch cover mounts.Im not sure what the original look like made a couple of spacer and bent some flat bar .checked valve lash spot on ,head off crosshatch on cyl looks good,removed govenor found pieces in sump.plugged hole with 1/4 bolt I found that it will cut its own thead when...
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    Bonanza chopper engine

    looks like it started out as a Bird
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    Woods mini bike

    the first picture is the brake anchor it goes on the inside of swingarm and is located by the axle hole second pic is the pedal it is attatched through the elongated hole in swing arm when you adjust chain tension you have to adjust pedal for the brake have never seen the original pedal...