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  1. Littlebear

    420cc kart build.

    Not a mini bike but, for the Predator fans here, I'm throwing a new Predator 420cc and Comet torque converter in this kart and doing some frame work fab. What do you guys think about the 420's? I took off a 6hp Mitsubishi. Should this kart really scoot along now? I wasn't able to drive it before...
  2. Littlebear

    Vintage Briggs

    Hello folks. I was on another sight, (wont mention which one), and got some flack when I posted that I had an old Briggs with no recoil. It has a pulley to manually wrap the pull start rope. I know there are very knowledgeable folks on here and I am looking forward to your input to find out what...
  3. Littlebear

    Kit car guys here?

    Any kit car guys here? I picked up this never finished Kelmar GT last week in a trade along with some other goodies. The significant other wants it. It's setting on a VW type 1 IRS pan. The plan so far is to put the Subaru H-6 engine it. Should be a fun project. Any suggestions on where to find...
  4. Littlebear

    Built two bikes in one night.

    Got a bit bored. Lol.
  5. Littlebear

    First kart. Help identifying please?

    I was recently given this race kart. I have never owned a kart before and don't know much about them, but thought I would drag it out of my hoard and tinker with it a bit this winter/spring. I can't seem to find any numbers on it (maybe under the paint?), I am clueless about it's age, (80's?)...
  6. Littlebear

    Mikuni 12 position adapter.

    Has anyone used one of these? Have you had good results if so?
  7. Littlebear

    The Book.

  8. Littlebear

    Father - Son Stories

    I was kind of inspired by another thread to tell a short little tale from my childhood and thought starting another thread would be better. Maybe some of the other folks here could. also share some entertaining stories? Here goes one of mine: Growing up my father was an diehard snowmobiler...
  9. Littlebear

    Coleman "Supreme" models. Do these say Supreme on the fenders? Anyone own one?
  10. Littlebear

    Jet Ski BBQ? I'm in!

    When does production start?
  11. Littlebear

    No wheelie bar?

  12. Littlebear

    1969 Rupp Roadster.
  13. Littlebear

    New rides entry: 2006 Metal Motorsports E-Rivet

    Littlebear 2006 Metal Motorsports E-Rivet 208cc custom E-Rivet build.
  14. Littlebear

    QA 50 engine swap.

    Hello guys, I was recently lucky enough to obtain a couple of free mini's from a friend. One is a 1975 Honda QA 50 and the other is 1971-72 Suzuki Traihopper. Both are very complete. I will post a photo soon. Today I got the QA 50 running and rode it for a bit. It smokes like a...
  15. Littlebear

    Help needed identifying please.

  16. Littlebear

    Homebuilt custom trolling motor?

    Hey guys, I just stripped down a Metal Motorsports E-Rivet electric mini bike for a gas conversion. I am thinking that I might be able to build some kind of cool custom trolling motor for my canoe with the electric motor and controls. I have seen people somehow convert weed eaters into...
  17. Littlebear

    New rides entry: 2010 Metal Motorsports E-Rivet

    Littlebear 2010 Metal Motorsports E-Rivet E-Rivet 208cc build.
  18. Littlebear

    New rides entry: 1979 Honda XR80

    Littlebear 1979 Honda XR80 1979 Honda XR80
  19. Littlebear

    New rides entry: 1968 Hodaka Ace 100

    Littlebear 1968 Hodaka Ace 100 1968 Hodaka Ace 100. 805 original miles. Unrestored.
  20. Littlebear

    New rides entry: 2018 Scratch build Homemade

    Littlebear 2018 Scratch build Homemade Homemade mini bike.