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  1. f4radar

    Haven’t been able to find the correct rear fender for JCP Duster…so.

    I got this one from Hent added a couple curtain hooks and hose clamps. Voila! No more mud on my carburetor. P.S. Still looking.
  2. f4radar

    ARC 6625 Billet Flywheel at salvage freight place on ebay 79.99 OBO more than 10 available. ARC 6625 Billet Flywheel For Predator | eBay
  3. f4radar

    Is this a go cart?

    I'm not sure what it is but I think I need one.
  4. f4radar

    Will this 3.5 side popper shroud & fly wheel fit a 70s HS50

    Looking to turn hs50 into an early hs40 clone
  5. f4radar

    This looks like fun! or maybe parts

    50 bucks on marketplace... It's almost a motorcycle, and I just love motorcycles
  6. f4radar

    ID this gas tank

  7. f4radar

    Picked this up at an estate sale and was wondering if one of you guys could date it

    I picked this knife up it looks homemade. Can anyone date it by the Starrett logo on the blade?
  8. f4radar

    Is there a support group here for hoarders?

    I think I need some therapies.
  9. f4radar

    Throttle cable end repair

    Old dog meets new trick. Looks pretty sloppy but it was my first practice try.
  10. f4radar

    HS50 ring gap

    I'm putting together an hs50. I,ve honed the cylinder and my new/unused (standard) ring gap measures .21. I know that is .004 outside tolerance is it worth sourcing oversized rings for? Any shared experience in this would be apreciated.
  11. f4radar

    I could use a set of HS50 Tecumseh 33569 Ring Set .020 over

    Or recommend an online selling site. Any Help?
  12. f4radar

    Can I swap these parts from a 71 hs40 to a 74 hs50.

    I want to use some spare hs40 stuff on an hs50. Any advice?
  13. f4radar

    Replaced the original 3hp on my Duster with snowblower HS50

    I’ll put the h30 back on after I have some fun. I’m still in proof of concept. I can see the slide carb is too close to th muffler and I may have to upgrade the old Mercury clutch. I passed two apes on my test run and I’m pretty sure they’d been raped.
  14. f4radar

    If buying this is wrong I don’t want to be right

    At 30 bucks I can blow 2 of these up for the cost of a billet rod.
  15. f4radar

    Why are these hard to find

  16. f4radar

    you know I'm old and I live in the boonies in the middle of Missouri.

    and I only get out every couple of weeks and I appreciate you guys as some sort of social community with common interests.
  17. f4radar

    I could use a set of HS50 .10 over thick rings

    any help?