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  1. J

    Scratch built

    Here’s a scratch build I started with 5” go power wheels and found an NOS motor took about two mo to build….
  2. J

    This isn’t actually all vintage

    It’s a frame that I built with a NOS motor very close to one I had as a kid.
  3. J

    My take on a flexo cycle

    I couldn’t find a real flexo cycle so this is my attempt to create my own, does anyone out there have a rear sprocket to fit these 5 inch go power rims?
  4. J


    Does anyone know what the lower frame at the engine mount width is on a Flexo cycle frame?
  5. J

    Flexo cycle

    I’m searching for a Flexo cycle minibike frame any leads would be appreciated.
  6. J

    Go power drum sprocket and brake for 5" wheel

    I'm in need of a go power drum sprocket and brake assembly for a 5" rim, any help or leads would be greatly appreciated.
  7. J

    Flexo rear wheel brake & sprocket

    I have go power 5" wheels series 2, does anyone know how the brake and sprocket mounts to them? Any pics would help.
  8. J

    Little petro parts

    I'm looking for little petro parts chain gaurd, seat, any TAS motors or parts, air filter cover, wheels etc.
  9. J

    Little petro

    Does anyone know where to get parts for the little petro, chain gaurd, air filter cover, seat, gas tank, engine or engine parts?
  10. J

    tom thumb

    im looking for a tom thumb mini frame