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    60mph doodlebug with 212cc predator. Is the price right?

    $550 212cc predator mini bike (1.8 hours) No governor Longer billet connecting rod Billet flywheel 18lb valve springs Chromoly push rods Mod2 cam Bigger carb K&N filter Straight pipe ARC throttle plate Under seat fuel tank Hydraulic disc brake Tachometer 2 piece aluminum...
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    CT200U Coleman 39mph!

    Not bad! I painted it as well.
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    Stock Coleman CT200U engine vs Predator Hemi. Which has more power?

    Which is better out of the box? Going to build one or the other and can pick up the 212cc Hemi for $89.
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    COLEMAN CT200U. Torque converter?

    Any ideas on the best way to drop the clutch and put a TC on these?