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  1. Strigoi

    RIP 3rd old person

    Preemptive rip to the 3rd since they happen in 3s.
  2. Strigoi

    Christmas family photo

    Here's a pic of my 6 kids and one of their friends I'm watching for awhile. :p
  3. Strigoi

    Went to Winter Jam at Sonoma Raceway today

    Went to the Winter Jam drift event at Sonoma Raceway today. There were 3 of us that went and we brought the minibikes to make getting around easier, plus it's just more fun. We got a lot of attention and had a bunch of conversations with people about them. It was a super fun day.
  4. Strigoi

    Need ID

    This is my co-worker's bike that's living in my garage for awhile and I'm wondering what it is. He's got construction going on at his house and just had it sitting outside in his backyard. Apparently it runs, but I couldn't get it to fire up today. I didn't really give it much effort though.
  5. Strigoi

    Watched some minibike drag racing today

    Went with a friend of mine so he could do some minibike drag racing out in Oakland today. Had a ton of fun and there were some fast bikes out there. My friend ended up coming in 2nd place. No one had a chance against Retromod Garage since he's running just over 80mph in the 1/4 mile. My...
  6. Strigoi


    Anyone on here into Lego and the knock-off bootleg kits? I finished the Mould King Mauser 98k sniper rifle yesterday. It was a fun build overall, actually shoots bricks and has a working bolt action receiver. The mechanism is a bit finicky, but it does work. It's just under 42" long. Picked it...
  7. Strigoi

    What is it?

    Posted on Reddit. Some guy says it's an Azusa because he has the exact same bike and the guy he bought it from said it was an Azusa. That's not how it works. LOL
  8. Strigoi

    Just took these in on trade at my work. I want.

    Took this Benelli TNT 135cc and Kawasaki Z125 in on trade at my work the other day. I want one so bad. Now is not the time though since I'm hemorrhaging money on this house project and don't have a garage to store one in. I could get the Benelli for $2k or less, the Z125 a bit more. Both are...
  9. Strigoi

    New custom frame

    My friend decided to make his own version of the Big Rascal minibike that GPS offers. He didn't think it was worth the $900 they want for it. Since he was making one frame, I told him to make me one too. Finally got it today. It will be running 6" wheels off of a DB30 and a suspension front end...
  10. Strigoi

    If it's stupid but it works, it's not stupid

    We're in the middle of a major remodel on my house. We usually keep our washer/dryer in the garage. The garage floor was supposed to be demo'd last week, but that got pushed back until this week. Rather than putting them back out there to do a couple of loads, we ran it in the house. It drains...
  11. Strigoi

    Anyone else have turkeys?

    We've got 30+ chickens and 3 turkeys right now. The turkeys have imprinted on me and just want attention. Butterball, top right in the pic, is about 4 years old and the other two are 3 years old. The Chocolate one in the front is the neediest turkey ever. She'll follow you around like a puppy...
  12. Strigoi

    Going through some old pics and came across this one my uncle had

    I'm guessing it's from the late-50s or early-60s based off other pics I have that are similar. He's probably the one that took the pic since none of the guys on the bike look like he did when he was younger. Thought it was a neat pic and worth sharing. I've got a lot of cool car pics from him...
  13. Strigoi

    Threw this one together recently

    Realized I had almost enough parts laying around to build another engine (just needing a cam got expensive). $250+ later I had this. Still running the stock valve springs to break in the cam and the carb is an out of the box 24mm Maikuni ($30 flat slide knock off). It had an intake leak in this...
  14. Strigoi

    Spent way too much money today

    Picked this up today. 2006 Silverado 2500 4x4. Has the LBZ Duramax with an Allison in it and 170k on the clock. Good thing I bought it as my girl bought herself a horse trailer today and I sold my old POS Ram 1500 I had last week.
  15. Strigoi

    Anyone need a Rock Auto 5% off code?

    I just got an email for a 5% off code at Rock Auto that's going to expire on 9-20. Whoever PM's me first gets it. I will post once it's gone.
  16. Strigoi

    RIP Dill

    Had to put my g/f's dog down last night. He had a good 12 year run (8-19-08 to 8-22-20). He hadn't been eating much, if at all, lately and had lost a bunch of weight. We thought it was a bad tooth that was bothering him. Turns out he had kidney and liver failure and most likely some very...
  17. Strigoi

    Ducar 212

    Anyone mess around with the Ducar 212 before? It's a hemi head 212 Honda clone, just like the Tillotson 212. The Ducar comes with a PVL flywheel though. Had mine come in today and a friend that bought a Tillotson said it looks identical to his engine. Paid $160 + $30 shipping for it from...
  18. Strigoi

    Need to re-home 2 ball pythons

    Long story short, I'm selling my house and can't take my snakes with me. They're both male ball pythons. One is a piebald, the other is a morph but I don't know what exactly. Looking for someone local in the SF Bay Area that has snakes that might be interested in taking them. If it's someone...
  19. Strigoi

    Had this Sportster in the shop Friday

    What is wrong with people? That bike is totalled because of that. It had other sketchy stuff going on with it too and it reeked of gas. I believe it was just in for some service work. The tech found that nice surprise when he pulled the seat off it.
  20. Strigoi

    Got it all back together today

    Pulled my CT200U apart to repaint it and swap around some parts. I'm really happy with how it came out. It is leaking oil though. I put it on the sidestand to fill it with gas and it started dripping pretty good. Going to have to pull the torque converter at minimum to see what's going on. I...