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    Mini Bike Show Nor-California March 21st

    There's going to be a Mini bike show in conjunction (VKCA) Vintage Kart Club of America in Dixon, CA at Kinsmen Kart Club 4975 Rio Dixon Rd $10 entry fee that includes Lunch , raffle, swap meet and live Band! If your on Facebook you can look up more details at the MINI MADNESS NO-CAL group.
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    When: May 4th Where: Prairie City OHV 13300 White Rock Rd Rancho Cordova, Ca 95742 Time: 12:00 Noon May be subject to change More details to come!
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    General Appliance= Trail Horse/Montgomery Wards parts

    looking for Re pop Clutch cover Some type of rear wheel band brake setup for a Manco wheel if they made one? Or for a Trail Horse wheel left hand side. Thanks
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    Montgomery Ward 500

    Since a few of my friends are entered in the Build Off I guess I'll give it a try once again even after failing My last 3-4 attempt's? This one came with the Manco wheels and a clutch band brake. If I can find a rear brake setup for them then I will keep them on! Or try to find a rear brake...
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    Looking for the fork plate decal for a Montgomery Wards 500 like this one or at least a better pic of one? Thanks
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    General Appliance mini bike.

    Hello everyone! It's been a long time since I've posted on the forum. I'm still been involved in mini bikes! But it's has been slim picken's where I live and life has other plans sometimes and you just move on? Well anyway's a friend of mine was talking to me about a trail horse that I keep...
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    5HP Briggs

    Hey guy's I picked up this motor for 50 bones at a modern go kart swap meet last week. I couldn't pass it up price with the pipe and manifold and carb but I'm not sure how to tell if it is a gas or alcohol motor? Thanks Michael
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    Powell colors

    I have a clutch cover that looks to have original orange paint on the inside? I know they built a yellow one before from the cover R&C Mag Couldn't they have made a few other colors beside red, blue and green?
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    Water in a Motor

    I got a little water in a motor when I was cleaning it! Should I pull the cover off to clean it out. OR Is there something I can pour in the lower crankcase and slosh it around to clean the inside?
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    Powell D-3078

    Pick up this Powell earlier this year with some of the harder to find parts still there along a hacked up B model. And after seeing OND and Airman and Havasu Dave's build's and BaB being back on the forum ? I think it's time to get one of Mine running! So i brought this one home PB...
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    Lil Indian

    This was going to be a build off bike build but got side tracked doing more collecting than building! Since the mini bike pool seems to be going thru a dry spell right now in Nor Cal! Time to get after some projects! I need to get some disc pads for the brake and brake lever and cable...
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    Bonanza Head light retainer ring PM711 or AP4600

    Could use the whole ring/bezel or the piece to repair this one? Thanks Mike
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    Honda throttle

    Looking for a throttle for a GC 160 motor Or a lead on where to buy one I didn't see at OldMiniBikes warehouse?
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    Mcculloch engine's

    I picked up a couple tubs of motors and parts last month. i know the one is a west bend 580 But not sure how to check on the Mcculloch's? Thank's
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    Trail Horse ss 300 jack shaft plates

    Looking for the just the movable bearing hanger plates? I thought OldMiniBikes sold them but now it seems to be a whole kit? Thanks!
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    H 50,60,70

    Do the bolts that hold the mounting plate to the engine need to be sealed so the motor doesn't lose oil? I took the plate off an H50 to use as a template about 1 1/2 mos ago and once the temp got a little bit warmer i notice oil coming out one of the bolts holes and hasn't stop?
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    Picked this up at a swap meet today after I saw the go powers lurking under a table!
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    Mickey "Fake' Bike build

    Got bumped from the build off so I'm putting it here! My bad for not reading the rules. but one way or another I will get it done? The Gc160 fits in the frame without the air cleaner cover but it needed to be tilted in to clear the valve cover:doah: Now I'm going thru My engine stash to...
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    A co-worker gave Me this motor from a chipper not knowing it has a 1in crankshaft:doah: Is it worth buying a 1in clutch or changing out the crankshaft?