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    Looking for 1 more HP !!

    Got a 80’s hs40 that runs good, measured 100 psi on compression test. Installed a pz16 carb which seems great! Haven’t rode the bike yet still a work in progress, can follow along on the project forum under manco chopper. Anyway it runs good, is it worth the time to port the I/E bowls and ports...
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    Correct fuel line

    I used 1/4” automotive but it’s kind of loose fitting and stiff, what is the correct line, or a good quality replacement. Thanks
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    Carb and exhaust ideas for vintage chopper.

    Hi, keeping the project chopper !! I need a carb, linkage, and also the linkage that goes on the side cover... BUT I read that a PZ16 carb works better, better throttle range and control, and I don’t have to worry about all the linkage and governor. Price would be the same or cheaper since I...
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    What's good compression numbers??

    My HS40 started out as a worn out big time smoker. I rehoned and used .010 over rings file fitted. I get 70psi on the first hard pull, 95psi on the second and 105 on the third. This is a hot engine with the throttle wide open and air filter off. Im guessing this is good??
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    HS40 dies when riding

    Was working good for the last couple years, but this year went for a ride, and my front brake shoe came unglued and the bike died. I figured it was the load the stuck shoe was putting on the motor. Got new shoes and went for a ride.. everything fine for the first 5 min (after a good 10 min warn...
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    68 Chrome Rupp fuel tank

    Super nice tank, inside is in good shape with some rusting in some spots, should clean up easily. Outside chrome is in fantastic condition for its age I have NOT cleaned it with wax and 0000 steal wool it will look even better after that is done!! Top center of tank has a small speck on it and a...
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    Fairbanks T/C

    F/M asymmetric T/C, with engine brackets. This was on a engine i purchased for my rupp, it moved freely in and out but i never ran this, used a comet instead. Selling it as parts $25 obo +shipping
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    MYD exhaust tip.

    Chrome is in poor condition. $20 + shipping
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    Rupp roadster II belts

    Ordered the wrong ones for my 70, these should work on the 71 and later from my research, but please check $24 shipped
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    stumped on this purple mini

    what is she?? and whats it missing or wrong.
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    this looks nice

    what year? mini bike for sale
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    shouldn't do it! 70's Manco Chopper

    I must like to punish myself :out:!!! This thing is almost scrap metal. But its bought and paid for, was going to part it out to get some of my money back, but it was slow at work so i decided to see what i could do with it. Its a Manco Stars and stripes has a bit of the red paint on the frame...
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    What kind of chopper?

    found on local CL , i know its not :chinese: !!! Manco delta 1 maybe. got it with the HS40, the frame has some holes drilled into it and some genus tried to notch out the frame by the carb but luckily i can weld. it will need a lot of love thats for sure!! the B&S on it looks like junk, so i...
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    huffy hustler !!!

    someone close should get this!! 1972 Huffy Hustler | eBay
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    vintage chopper

    thinking about this one:shrug: Vintage Mini Bike Chopper | eBay
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    nice little score!

    went for the complete intake system, and also came home with the 5hp engine that was rebuilt with piston, rings, rod and valve job! now i need to find some nice frames :detective::detective:
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    3.5 intake manifold wanted.

    This engine has a very restrictive intake and would like to replace it with something better. Please PM if you have something.
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    69 Rupp roadster tank ID ???

    Picked this up off C List, was close to my work and price seemed right! looks like a rupp tank but I'm not sure. Its super clean and chrome is in great shape so not sure if its a new tank or old. Thanks
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    anyone title/register there Rupp in IL recently?

    Looks like it may be a big hassle without an old title or any paperwork or history. Anyone been down this road in IL after the DMV changes in 2009 ? have any advise? thanks
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    Who has hooked up a horn?

    Trying to get a 12v horn to work on my 70 rupp with lighted coil and using the replacement switch with the three button hi low light, engine kill on side and horn on top. I have the button to ground the horn, and when I take power off the red to other terminal of the horn and press button...