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  1. Rapidrob

    MACFEST 2012

    Ran across this decal in my mini bike stuff. Elaine and I went to the gathering and it was fun until the police showed up,twice! and tried to arrest a couple of riders for "Fleeing a police pursuit" I think Gestapo issued some fines as well. Even though Old Paul had permission for us to use...
  2. Rapidrob

    Is 303 Stainless steel good for rear axles?

    I have to replace the carbon steel axle on my Hawk-Ty mini. I'm unable to find a 15 x 400 mm round bar stock in carbon steel anywhere. However, I did find a bar stock of 303 Stainless Steel which can be hand threaded easier than 304 SS. But can the material take the stretching strain of the...
  3. Rapidrob

    CHI COM float bowel gaskets

    Does anyone make/sell replacement float bowl gaskets for the 6.5 HP engines that are work a crap? The originals are made from very poor materials and leak after a short period of time during use.
  4. Rapidrob

    All good things must come to an end......

    The weather here was going to be really nice today. I decided to take my repaired Hawg-Ty ( closest mini I own to a Baja mini ) for a ride up my mountain. I also wanted to try out a new still camera mount for the handle bars. I left my drive way to gain access to a trail going up to the summit...
  5. Rapidrob

    A rebuild to trail running Heathkit Hilltopper...

    Over the last three yeas I've been rebuilding a Heathkit Hilltopper solely for riding in my mountains,not for show. From a rolling frame to operational has been an interesting journey that while it was fun to do it had very frustrating times as well. I bought it here in the desert of NM where...
  6. Rapidrob

    Need rear axle for my Hawg-Ty mini

    Took my mini for a ride in the mountains today and the drive side chain tensioner failed allowing the rear axle to slide forward in such a manner the threads are FUBAR and cannot be repaired The rear axle is 15 mm in diameter and 343 mm long ( 13.50") Both ends are threaded for what appears to...
  7. Rapidrob

    Sitting in a garage

    a friend of mine restores Hit-n-Miss engines and needed help/advice on a stuck piston engine. While I was there I notice this gem sitting in a corner.... 8 HP engine Fold-up seat with storage under it
  8. Rapidrob

    A gift horse....

    A friend of mine knows I do a lot of off-road riding on my minibikes and I have to tow my trailer to the trail heads using my VW station wagon TDI. He said to me " I've got something you might want" and took me to his garage and pointed to a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Lorado. He had just bought a...
  9. Rapidrob

    Fully functional Hilltopper kick stand

    Flush mount ( hides behind frame tubing) and has two holes. A large one and a small one ( mount and spin preventer) Must be fully operational and lock in folded and extended positions.
  10. Rapidrob

    Please help ID this old B&S engine on a tiller.

    Neighbor has had this tiller sitting out for 30 years I know of. I may ask him to sell me the engine if it is worth restoring? The ID plate is aluminum and has an upper and lower row of numbers. The upper row reads: 201059 space 109666 Lower Row: 008 space 015
  11. Rapidrob

    What a pain in the butt....time to replace the seat on the Hawg-TY

    The original seat is double sprung, heavy duty vinyl covered with a steel seat pan. The support rods have taken such a beating in the 1,100 miles off road they can no longer keep the springs from moving sideways. I really can't complain too much. Many of the new seats today use a plastic seat...
  12. Rapidrob

    Moved the foot pegs, finely.

    After bending the foot pegs eight times on my Hawk-TY I decided to cut the pegs off and move them up over the main support bar of the frame. I fabricated a "U" shaped 1/4" hardened steel bracket and welded it to the bottom of the bar. The foot pegs were welded on the top-side section of the "U"...
  13. Rapidrob

    Five Hills of Death in a thunder storm.

    We took a ride to the Five Hills of Death this morning. The roads and trails have been badly eroded by heavy rain. More large rocks and boulders showing than I have ever seen before. We took of of the forest roads for several miles until the road was so festooned with boulders it was no longer...
  14. Rapidrob

    Baja rear axle

    Baja MB200 rear axle. Part number MB200-210 15 mm in diameter and 325 mm long- nuts would be nice as well. Same as American Power Products Hawg-Ty mini bike.
  15. Rapidrob

    Does it share parts with a mini bike today?

    Is the Hawg-Ty mini bike the same as any of the other mini's sold where there may be parts today?
  16. Rapidrob

    Why did the float stick?

    Riding in the mountains today the float stuck wide open in my unmodified LiFan 212cc 6.5 HP engine. ( same as HF Predator). Non-alcohol gasoline used. Plastic tank, no rust. In line filter used ( new) Carb cleaned and ran fine yesterday for over a mile down a dirt road. No vacuum problems with...
  17. Rapidrob

    Shattered bearing in rear axle of Hill-Topper

    I went for a ride yesterday evening only to get 100 yards from the house and the bike pulled to the right. The chain slipped off of the rear sprocket and jammed the rear wheel. No harm done, but I had to pull the master link to roll the bike back Home. I pulled the rear wheel off only to find...
  18. Rapidrob

    Next up: Dirty Bunny Girl Trail

    We going to ride the Dirty Bunny Girl Trail in the AM tomorrow. I walked it today with my wife to see just how tough it will be and it turns out to be only slightly more challenging that what we have ridden so far. The boulders are a lot larger and the hills a little steeper. The 1 1/4 mile run...
  19. Rapidrob

    what are the Pro's and Con's of a Hilliard Clutch ( 3/4" bore)

    What makes them Heavy Duty over the regular clutches for sale. What is good/bad about them?.
  20. Rapidrob

    What does it take to fry a TAV?

    I now know. A trip for 4 1/4 miles up a mountain trail with loose rocks and large boulders,that's what! I took Patric up Powerline trail towards the summit of Cedro Peak which was going to be a test for his brand new Predator 212 non-hemi engine. Little did I know that I was to have a really...