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  1. Tommie

    Blue angel , green horn

    Blue angel , and green horn only missing exhaust for blue angel previous owner claimed it snapped in half but its solid wondering if anyone has an extra one
  2. Tommie


  3. Tommie

    What is this mini bike?

    What is this
  4. Tommie

    1971 speedway mini bike brochure

    In need of a 1971 speedway brochure to buy
  5. Tommie

    Portland indiana 2019

    Who's going
  6. Tommie

    wtb vintage bronco gas tank

    want to buy a vintage bronco gas tank in ok condition
  7. Tommie

    wtb bronco mini bike gas tank

    want to buy vintage bronco minibike gas tank
  8. Tommie

    WTB gemini scrambler b4 mini bike parts

    I'm looking for Gemini scrambler b4 gas tanks.chain guards seat covers etc
  9. Tommie

    engine tags

    how do you tell dates by reading the engine serial tag
  10. Tommie

    Portland indiana 2019

    Who's going to be there
  11. Tommie

    Wtb speedway scarab number plate

  12. Tommie

    Wtb 1971 speedway scorpion forks with fork ears

  13. Tommie

    Speedway stinger

    How would i mount a seat on this there is no seat pan was there suppose to be a seat pan ive seen em with seat pans and I've seen em with no seat pan i hope to figure this out
  14. Tommie

    Is there a special tool to get fork chrome pieces of

    Here we have a speedway shark and we need the fork pieces off there has to be a special tool for the job or these holes wouldn't be there
  15. Tommie

    Post in the polls if you like speedway mini bikes

    Post in the polls if you like speedway mini bikes
  16. Tommie

    Post a pic of your 1960 and 1970 rupp mini bikes in good condition

    I don't have any Rupp mini bikes but would like to see what bikes have been restored or kept original
  17. Tommie

    Speedway clutch cover

    All my clutch covers have all been used on my restoration do any of you guys here on the forum have a clutch cover to sell in decent condition
  18. Tommie

    All original fox survivors

    here's a survivor bike
  19. Tommie

    Fox sundowners for sale in Washington's dc

    These are off cragslist just posting to see if anybody is interested in Them just trying to help the seller sell them
  20. Tommie

    Speedway mini bike scrapbook