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  1. SimpleTom

    Classic Mini Bike Show in Waukesha, WI. June 15th

    This is a new show being held by Milwaukee Minibike Club. Classic Minibike Show for all vintage style pull-start minibikes. Please pre-register your minibike(s) to or Milwaukee Minibike Club to save a spot. Location at 5 Points Brew & Sweets, historic downtown Waukesha...
  2. SimpleTom

    Bahahahahaha!! $800???

    Even if it was a Bonanza it's not worth $800. :rolleyes:
  3. SimpleTom

    Mini Bike Maniac Stickers are back and better than before!!

    The stickers come in small, medium, large and sometimes extra large depending on the design. There are other items like wall clocks and travel mugs also available.
  4. SimpleTom

    RobertC Check your messages about the Windber Mudfest shirts.

    @RobertC I sent you a message about a week ago in regards to the Windber Mudfest shirts you were asking about. Let me know if you still want one.
  5. SimpleTom

    Mini Bike Maniac T-shirts!!

    Just wanted to let everyone here who isn't on Facebook know that I have closed my web store and uploaded my designs to a new t-shirt and apparel site called With them I am able to offer more sizes, colors and more apparel other than t-shirts. I have uploaded quite a few of my...
  6. SimpleTom

    $300 for that frame???? :doah:

    :blink: :no: :doah: :laugh: :lol:
  7. SimpleTom

    It's sad when people part out a survivor mini bike just to make a few bucks. JMHO

    Looks like it was a pretty complete and nice bike judging by the pics of the pieces. :no:
  8. SimpleTom

    Happy Birthday Karen!/manchester1 !

    Happy Birthday! :happybday::happybday: :clap::clap: Hope you have a great day! manchester1
  9. SimpleTom

    LOL! Sears Steady Rider

    :out: Summer is here !!! Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day FUN!!! Just as listed in the Sears catalog 40 years ago. Engine professionally rebuilt - Super clean, ready to ride. Comes with Low Volt...
  10. SimpleTom

    1962 Columbus Discoverer I picked up last weekend.

    Such an odd frame I had to pick it up. It's all original.
  11. SimpleTom

    Torn distal bicep surgery

    Well on April 6th while removing a 500 lb radiator on a second floor of a pretty expensive house I was working on. I drained the loop that the radiator was connected to and opened the bleeder to let the air in to allow the water to drain. The tile floor had already been removed leaving only the...
  12. SimpleTom

    Haven't posted much here lately. Feeling kinda bummed out.

    Some of you might have noticed that I haven't posted much here in the past months. Well about 5 years ago I went to see my family doctor about some shoulder pain and a sharp pain on the top of my foot. His answer was to go see a Rheumatologist because he thought I might be experiencing arthritis...
  13. SimpleTom

    Coleman Sport 2.40 with working original pull start

    I'm listing this for my brother in law Matt. You can PM me for his phone number if you are interested. It's pretty much all original even has the tool bag mounted under the seat. The pull start works and the engine has spark. He is looking to get $500 o.b.o.
  14. SimpleTom

    Twin survivor Whisper Jets

    So I am trying to save up and find a Heald Super Bronc to add to my stable but I found this bike and couldn't pass on it. It is practically a clone to my other Whisper Jet which I found a few years ago. The only differences are the seat and the color of the foot pegs. The first one I got has...
  15. SimpleTom


    Mini drag bike Mini drag bike - $1200 (NEW Berlin) 1962 all original bonanza mini bike with a performance tuned racing predator 212cc hemi engine does 110.87mph 1/4 miles all day 212cc is up graded to 475cc displacement This is not a toy This is not a toy!!!!!!! This is a drag bike...
  16. SimpleTom

    Home made bike

    So I was at a show last weekend and ran into a fellow mini biker. He brought along a bike that he bought at a large old car swap meet in IOLA WI. As soon as I saw it I thought it was one of the coolest home made mini bikes I have seen. I asked him if he ever wanted to sell it let me know. He...
  17. SimpleTom

    Boonie Bike Beat Off in Racine, WI

    This event took place yesterday afternoon. There is guy that builds a track in his back yard and then has a bunch of his friends come over with their mini bikes and race. I didn't participate since I don't need any more aches and pains but check out the pictures they posted on their facebook...
  18. SimpleTom

    Updated the tires on my Rat/Hot Rod Trail Horse

    I think it looks better with the 5.30/4.50-6 tire on the back and while I was at it I painted on the white walls. I also have another bike just about done in the same Rat/Hot Rod theme. The frame came from Ray/ Iron Honky which he got from Chad/ minibikin'.
  19. SimpleTom

    Heald Trail Bronc

    Mini Bike Mini Bike - $700 (Machesney Park) TrailBron adult size mini bike for sale. I'm asking 700.00. Call if interested. contact name: Jeff call: ☎ (815) 298-2236
  20. SimpleTom

    Saturday riding with a bunch of friends

    This was a little get together for some riding down some country roads, eating and talking mini bikes. You could almost call this Bronc Fest but Delray and I had to be different. We took a morning ride then had a cook out and then an afternoon ride. I think we put on about 40 miles. There were a...