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  1. CaptNugget

    Cool Helmet Planter

    So this may be a little out there but made this cool planter out of an old helmet I found in the weeds on a family members farm. Sprocket base is from a grain bin sweep and I welded a bolt in the middle and bolted it to helmet through a hole I drilled. Thought it turned out cool so figured I’d share
  2. CaptNugget

    10 Trike Collection for Sale in AZ

    Ok, so didn’t think this day would come but here it is. I’m making a sacrifice. I have 10 of my trikes from my collection I’m looking to sell. Most are projects but one is complete w/ 212 predator w/ like 4-5hrs and another has a running Briggs I’m keeping 6 beloved trikes from my collection but...
  3. CaptNugget

    1950s Men’s Monark Rocket Deluxe Bicycle

    So I know it’s not a mini bike or trike but thought someone here might appreciate it. I have a 1950s men’s Monark Rocket Deluxe bicycle for sale It’s in barn find condition, solid with an awesome patina. Would be a super cool rat rod bike with a little TLC It is just as pictured except front...
  4. CaptNugget

    Trike Collection Group Photo (Finally!)

    Finally got a chance to get a group photo of my trike collection (as of today, haha). Had to organize and store some in my trailer as I just moved and have a way smaller garage (for the time being) Been wanting to get a group photo for a few years and now here it is, ENJOY Feel free to post YOUR...
  5. CaptNugget

    Timbren SES: Suspension Enhancement System

    Just wanted to throw this out there. Halfway through a cross country move, one load done and one to go. Have to use my 2012 Ram 1500 for the last trip. Need to get my crazy trike collection there somehow, hahaha. Hooked up my trailer and oh did she sag, bad! So much so my stock bump stops we’re...
  6. CaptNugget

    Unique 4’x8’ Fiberglass Boat

    I know it’s a little off the “mini bike/trike” category but it’s a mini boat. I picked this up a few years ago and started restoration but with traveling for work it never got finished and now I’m planning a move and have many other projects I’m taking with me. This is a fiberglass 4’x8’ boat...
  7. CaptNugget

    WAY off topic but ehh..Custom Touches haha

    So way off topic probably but had a side job that put one of my builds a day behind so I figured I’d post it My local biker bar had a request.. their salad bar Sneeze Guard broke and the “mother in law” (bartender/friend of owner) volunteered me to make one. They had the crappiest little what...
  8. CaptNugget

    BGW Tri-Rod Restoration (finally almost finished)!

    Figured I’d start up this post about my BGW Tri-Rod I’m restoring. I’m sure there’s an OLD post when I started it but all my projects had been put on the back burner for awhile. So now that it’s almost done, I figured I’d make a new post. Here’s some pics from beginning to end so far. Once I get...
  9. CaptNugget

    Zap! The Magic Tricycle (#17 for collection)

    Here’s a different little trike I came across and had to buy! Haven’t seen any other of these myself but haven’t looked for info yet either. Guy had a pic of one together, I know it’s missing a lot and been repair welded in spot la but it can be resurrected!
  10. CaptNugget

    Muskin Dune Cat (Morris, IL) Not mine but cool.. and someone on here in Michigan has bodies I’ve seen
  11. CaptNugget

    Yet ANOTHER Addition to the Collection! (Owosso Explorer)

    Yet another addition to my collection! Traded a scooter for this Owosso Explorer It makes #16 ‍♂️Haha Looks to be in decent shape, posts for body on back need replaced as they’re cobbled in there and a few small notches need to be fixed in back frame but other than that seem decent. Now I’ll...
  12. CaptNugget

    New table/seat Repurposed tire project DONE!

    Just thought I’d post this because I thought it was cool. Had this old take-off front tire from my Alsport TS-110 trike. thought it looked cool and couldn’t throw it away. For last like 6 years it’s sat in my garage, moved all over a billion times, and always wanted to make a table/seat or...
  13. CaptNugget

    Rupp Chapperal — Chicago CL Atvs Not mine
  14. CaptNugget

    DuneCycle - Newest Member of the Pack

    Newest member in the trike pack is this here DuneCycle. Not perfectly done but rideable Makes number 15 It’s name is Jason as it was bought on Friday the 13th and the guys address was 1313 hahaha
  15. CaptNugget

    New find - Snowco Mini-Scat?

    Thought I’d share my newest find I believe it’s a Snowco Mini-Scat (?) Actually found it like 5 minutes from my house! No having to drive 2 states or 4 hours away for one FINALLY! And it was an old friends husband who had it. Hahaha I know it’s a little small but I didn’t have one this model...
  16. CaptNugget

    Vintage Rupp Roadster -Pair barn find all original Not mine and 1 too few wheels but cool hope someone here gets em
  17. CaptNugget

    Alsport TriSport RTS-8

    Hi, got this RTS-8 the other day Guy I got it from said a week ago it was running like a top, he said it wouldn’t run right after so he put a new carb on it and changed the spark plug, he said he got it to idle but it died when you get gas When I got it home, I got it to start but died out...
  18. CaptNugget

    Alsport Tri-Sport RTS

    I know this isn’t exactly the place for it (it’s in classifieds as well) but I figured trike guys would be looking here ... Alsport Tri-Sport RTS for sale (I believe it’s an RTS) Mostly complete but is a project Seemingly has the wrong seat but it works decent on it Has motor (don’t know off...
  19. CaptNugget

    Alsport Tri-Sport RTS —For Sale —$400

    Alsport Tri-Sport RTS for sale (I believe it’s an RTS) Mostly complete but is a project Seemingly has the wrong seat but it works decent on it Has motor (don’t know off hand exactly what it is) Excellent candidate for complete restoration or just get running and send it! Shocks seem to be in...