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  1. manchester1

    Happy Birthday in Heaven "Docdc".

    You will be missed. RIP my friend.
  2. manchester1

    Be careful....Lots of scammers

    I would be extra careful. Scammers are out in full force.
  3. manchester1

    RIP Docdc

    I saw on Facebook that he passed away. RIP. Great guy and will be missed.
  4. manchester1

    Buyer Beware, Frijole frame

    I just want to warn some members about the Taco Frijole frames that GokartsUsa sells. They look like a 5 year old welded the frames. Lol.
  5. manchester1

    Happy Birthday Tom S.

    Wishing you a happy birthday. I always enjoy all of your photos. Have a great day.
  6. manchester1

    Nice Simplex on ebay

    Looks mostly original.
  7. manchester1

    What a great weld job

    I bought these forks a while back and the person cut the bars off and cut the triple tree's in half. Probably couldn't get the fork bolt out. Who knows. Lol. Sent them to Evan @weldkingoc and he did a awesome job.
  8. manchester1

    Little Petro Mini bike inventor.

    (I stole this from Facebook) Here is my amazing grandfather James Odom. Yes the one and only:) We just took this picture today. The Little Petro has been a part of our family for generations. So happy to see you all carrying on my grandfathers passion.
  9. manchester1

    Pretty cool event

    I was there last year and I couldn't believe how many people were there. Nice day.
  10. manchester1

    Happy Birthday AJF

    Happy Birthday. Hope you have a great birthday!!!
  11. manchester1

    Weed eater edger won't start help.

    Why can't I get this thing started? Ran last year. I have spark and fresh gas and new plug. Won't even fire on starting fluid. What am I missing.
  12. manchester1

    APC mini bike FREE

    Free to a good home. Come and get it. Burlington, NJ. 08016. Somebody gave it to me that knew I collected mini bikes. No front wheel of motor.
  13. manchester1

    Shout out to member "Ond" Eric

    @OND I hope you are ok. I saw something on Facebook from your wife. Please check in if you can. Miss ya.
  14. manchester1

    Happy Birthday Cheezy1

    Happy birthday Bill. Wishing you a great day.
  15. manchester1

    Wanted:. Rupp Econo-Cycle sprocket spacers

    Looking for 4 of these guys. Also used on some Rupp Cubs. Yes I know I can drill them out and re-tap but seeing if anybody has some. One end is 5/16 and other end is 1/4". Thank you.
  16. manchester1

    Stripped bolt advise

    Looking for ideas how to get this stripped bolt loose. Maybe something I haven't thought of. Lol.
  17. manchester1

    Tecumseh fuel outlet help

    Can I just twist that fuel outlet? Glued? Press fitted? Thank you.
  18. manchester1

    Will a 1968 Tecumseh shroud fit this motor?

    A little help from the experts.
  19. manchester1

    What do you think about the new eBay sellers rules?

    Not that I sell many items but I don't like how the new system is going to work.
  20. manchester1

    Helicoil help. With photos.

    I have a 5/16 course thread hole that is kinda stripped. It is the neck for the Holder mini bike. I don't want to tap to 3/8 as the little neck is not that thick. My question is can I use a helicoil in this spot? Can I use a 5/16 helicoil in the semi stripped hole? Thank you.