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  1. minikenny

    Raptor - if it sounds too good to be true it probably is :)

    briggs RAPTOR for go kart,, karting jr dragster,quarter midgets?? He wants $400, not $40. :laugh:
  2. minikenny

    Another what is it?

  3. minikenny

    WTB single 6" Ruttman aluminum wheel half

    Does anyone have a lonely 6" Ruttman aluminum wheel half in usable condition you would be willing to sell? Doesn't have to be perfect, I can hide it behind the sprocket. I would also be willing to buy both halves if that is what you have to offer. I had an unwelcome surprise when I...
  4. minikenny

    Ratty Ruttman

    I picked this little guy up about a week and a half ago. Finally got it running and riding and stopping with the Allied Leisure brake kit. :thumbsup: The next order of business is fenders, then probably tires. These have some scary looking cracks. :blink: :laugh:
  5. minikenny

    Must be an inside joke?

    I don't get it. :out: Mini drag bike
  6. minikenny

    Do these forks look bent?

    Do the forks look bent? Is it a Lil Indian? Should I buy it? :laugh:
  7. minikenny

    Is this some kind of Bird also?

    This was the bike I was trying to identify when I found the last one. It is similar yet different. It has 5" wheels, different rear axle mount, downtubes are wider apart. I can't find a matching picture. :confused:
  8. minikenny

    Small frame mini bike

    A friend has one similar to this and I've been trying to figure out what it is. I finally found a picture of one in a little better shape but this guy doesn't seem to know what it is either. :laugh: I'll admit defeat after 30 days and let you guys tell me in 30 seconds. :thumbsup:
  9. minikenny

    It's too bad cars don't have that kind of bumpers anymore

  10. minikenny

    Was ARCO still making minibikes in 1975?

    This is listed as an all original 1971 ARCO easy rider, but it has a later model Tecumseh. It does appear to be an actual minibike engine so I'm hoping he just has the year wrong. All original 75 or 76 ARCO ? (Other than the chinese carburetor.) I haven't seen it in person.
  11. minikenny

    He lowered the price , isn't that legal ?

    I am replying in off-topic, since there IS a specific rule against discussion not related to the item for sale in sales threads. I can't prove it, but it stands to reason that rule is because every reply puts the for sale item back on top. A "bump." I guess you are saying lowering the price...
  12. minikenny

    What is this one?

    I'm stumped. :shrug:
  13. minikenny

    Sensation Go-Devil

    I'm going to try and see or buy a Sensation Go-Devil if it is all original (?) I want to be sure what to look for since I haven't seen one in person. 1) I'm guessing the engine should be lighted HS40...? Seller claims 5hp I hope he's wrong. 2) Any special pattern or writing on the seat...
  14. minikenny

    Removing neck bushings

    I'm trying to remove neck bushings from an Bonanza BC frame. I thought I could tap,tap,tap from opposite end with a long screwdriver and get them out. No dice. :hammer: Even tried a few whacks. Tried propane torch heat on the neck, along with whack,whack, whack :hammer:. That was probably...
  15. minikenny

    It's better looking than a Prius

    Electric reverse trike- custom made
  16. minikenny

    HS40 fixed speed carb/intake.

    HS40 Snowblower engine, fixed speed. A new one on me: A carburetor with no butterfly! Maybe it is common and I just never noticed before. The butterfly is built into the intake manifold and is connected to the governor of course. If I wanted to use this engine, can I put a regular...
  17. minikenny

    Bonanza mini bike - $300 (Peotone)

    Okay, I'm trying to use my minibike ninja knowledge I learned on here :laugh: Bonanza mini bike It's a mid-peg BC1100 with the wrong seat, wrong front wheel, wrong engine, jacked up jackshaft, and pants ripper/leg remover chain? How did I do? It still might be a great source for me...
  18. minikenny

    Look what I missed out on last night

    Bonanza mini bike frame with parts - $150 (Rockford) Listed last night I didn't see it until this morning. Already sold but ad was left up to tease me!!! :censure:
  19. minikenny

    Sears Craftsman engine ID help

    I have a Tecumseh that I got on a Manco bike. It has a Sears Craftsman type number on the tin: 143.774012 SER .6227B I believe. Of course I looked in the "3 to 11hp L-head Technicians manual" in the back, but 143.774012 wasn't listed. The closest numbers are: 143.774022 H30-35342S...
  20. minikenny


    I gave it a quick once over, can't find any markings. Thanks in advance!