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  1. gammatg

    Small diameter Bonanza Badge

    $150 shipped PayPal friends or add the fees. Thanks!
  2. gammatg

    CAT chrome rear fender

    $125 shipped friends and family or $130 regular PayPal. No brackets or hardware. Thanks OldMiniBikes!
  3. gammatg

    Wanted .10" over HS40 rings for piston 32604

    Looking for a set of .10" rings for piston #32604. I am not sure of the part # for these.
  4. gammatg

    Chopper ID

    Looking for an ID on this chopper. Thanks!
  5. gammatg

    Gilson/Wards/Allis Chalmers chrome guard

    Gilson/Wards/A.C. chrome chain guard. Someone drilled 5 holes in the guard I assume to mount it (see photos). The mounting bracket not included. $225 shipped PayPal prefered. Thanks for the add OldMiniBikes!
  6. gammatg

    NOS tecumseh 33222 slanted hs40 muffler

    $100 shipped. Has some shelf wear, small ding shown in pics. This preceeds the 33224. Picked this up in a Speedway dealer buyout.
  7. gammatg

    Speedway Gas Tank

    $100 shipped. Super clean inside with some old gas residue. See photos.
  8. gammatg

    Wanted Dellorto UA19S (cover, valve)

    Wanted: Number 23 on the exploded parts diagram. Thank you.
  9. gammatg

    Trike ID

    Picked this up at a barn sale today. Any ideas?
  10. gammatg

    Tecumseh H50 Lighted Flywheel 30755

    Lighted H50 Flywheel. Some of the fins are nicked up. $75 shipped PayPal friends and family or add the fees. PM's work best. Thanks!
  11. gammatg

    H35 and HS50 dog leg mufflers

    White is the H35 muffler the other is the HS50. $60 a piece includes shipping. PayPal friends and family or add the fees. PM's work best.
  12. gammatg

    NOS Ruttman Spyder Triple Tree

    $80 shipped PayPal friends and family, or add the fees. PM's work best. Thanks!
  13. gammatg

    Wheel ID

    2 piece wheel. Its about 5-6" wide
  14. gammatg

    WANTED Sachs 80b engine plate

    Looking to buy a motor plate for the Sachs 80b engine used on some of the Speedway models. Thanks!
  15. gammatg

    What model Powerdyne is this?

    I just picked this up. I assume it's a Powerdyne as it has the wheels and multiple slots on the engine plate. I couldn't find a similar model through google searches. The only one I could find was the hawk that had a similar front suspension, but that bike had a swingarm and rear shocks.
  16. gammatg

    1969 RUPP Banchi

    Ok so my son and I have a Manco 250 build going that we are waiting on paint, so Dad needs his own bike. 1969 Rupp Banchi that was is really rough shape. My plan is to keep it as stock as possible. I don't have the original powerplant so instead of a 2.5 hp, I think I will be going with a 3.5...
  17. gammatg

    Manco 250 build

  18. gammatg

    For the Trailhorse contingent

    Thought I would share this one. I had a buddy pick this up for me tonight. Full suspension Horse. Appears to be a GTO 1500. Good resto candidate. I'll have it tomorrow with better pics then.
  19. gammatg

    Wanted Roper grab bar

    Looking for a Sears Roper grab bar. Thank you!
  20. gammatg

    Taco wheels 5"

    5" Taco wheels. 2 different styles, one wheel is the older style with nubs the other doesn't. One wheel half with the nubs (non valve stem side)has a slight crack in it as pictured. It had a tire on it with 30lbs of air pressure and the crack didn't change. Looking for $175 shipped (paypal...