1. Tod Sales upgrade

    Tod Sales upgrade

    Double jackshaft twister with 12" wheels
  2. Tod Sales upgrade

    Tod Sales upgrade

    Double jackshaft twister with 12" wheels
  3. Big wheel twister

    Big wheel twister

    Twister 12" wheels single jackshaft
  4. chipper

    Hack-A-Cat 12" stretched Bobber

    I figured I'd share my latest mess , This is the Cat Slingshot I bought 6-7 months ago ( I only new it was a Cat ) sight unseen , wow it was a hacked up disaster ! So there was no chance of a correct restoration , Took it apart , blasted the frame and primed it and has been sitting since . Now...
  5. J

    1971 Rupp 12" hubs

    Looking for a descent set of 1971 Rupp 12" hubs. Thanks, Joe51
  6. f150tilt

    12" Rupp wheels

    Pair of 12" Rupp wheels that came on a Bonanza I bought. These wheels are painted but it looks like the chrome "might" be ok under the paint but can not guarantee. Spokes feel tight and wheels appear true when spinning by hand. Rupp Trial tires are rough and cracked. Sprocket isn't too bad. I...
  7. J

    12" 28 spoke Rupp rims

    Anyone know of a good aftermarket source for the rims. thanks
  8. minibikin'

    12" spoked wheels. Bobber? Rat bike, wagon?

    Maybe someone can use these on a build? 12" x 3". I don't see a brand. The rear brake seems to work well. One tire decent and one is beat. $30 plus shipping.
  9. big twister

    big twister

    8/18/13 skyline drive UT
  10. Frank Davis

    MTD parts for sale 12" front wheel

    I am parting out my MTD Trailflite (approx. 1970)...This is one of the items for sale. This is a 12" front wheel assembly and will include the axle, bearings and brake assembly as shown......40.00 plus shipping....tire goes with it, holds air, but not so hot....another 10 bucks and I will...
  11. slywilliez

    WTB, 12" long tank

    I am looking for a 12" x 4" tank like this. I will pay top dollar.
  12. D

    WANTED-- 12" wheel

    building a mini chopper, looking for a 12" spoke wheel for the front
  13. P

    12" Sebac shocks

    The shocks are 12" from eye to eye. Both sets are in good condition. Will clean up good, our restore them. 65.00 pair
  14. G

    Rupp 12" wheel

    Looking for 12" wheels for my rupp roadster.
  15. X

    WTB Rupp 12" 'straight-style' rear fender

    WTB 12" 'straight-style' paintable rear fender for '71 Rupp BW. I have a 10" Rupp rear fender and other Rupp mini parts for trade if interested. Thanks,
  16. I

    Azusa 12" seats

    Looking for 2. Have to be 12" and have to be new. The smaller one in the pic. Thanks, Jerry
  17. Big Jim

    12" axle

    I need an axle for the front of my Trail Ram. It had a bolt in it originally. The axle needs to be 12" long, 5/8" diameter with 1" of treads cut on each end. 18 tpi. All of the "stores" cutoff at 10" Can some one machine this for me???
  18. Mean Dean

    NOS Rupp Speedo 12" Tire 1971-75.

    This is new in the wrapper still Part number #18094. $398.00 Free shipping. For 12" Tire bikes. 60 MPH. Part is in Michigan. 734 652 8537. Merry Xmas,
  19. J

    12" pair of shocks beautiful!

    Took these off my Taco 55 and installed the oem copies I made,so.............don't need 'em. Maybe someone here does,they are in excellent shape and are $35 including shipping via UPS. regards,Joel
  20. 125ccCrazy

    Need a pair of shocks 12" on center

    I'm looking for a new or VERY nice pair of shocks, chrome springs with preferably silver or chrome body.... I have a new pair of chrome shocks with a 9 3/4 ctc spacing to offer in trade or I will just buy them out right.... I know they have them on ebay but I thought I'd check here first and...