1. chipper

    1969 Bonanza BC1300

    Well I am finally getting this build going , this is the mini I picked up in Windber from HarleysPapa , life and then the flood slowed me down a bit but now it's on like Donkey Kong ! My good buddy at Ascension Fabrication made new arms 4" longer for the swingarm , with the big 8" sno hogs she...
  2. P

    1969 Rupp Roadster Original

    Pretty nice original Rupp Roadster 2200.00
  3. cattailhaas

    1969 cat 400x foot pegs

    Does anyone have an original 1969 cat 400x foot peg grip that they could send me some pictures and measurements of so I can recreate some for my bikes. These are the ones that fit the 1/2" solid shaft. Any help would be great, and I am willing to compensate you for your time and effort, thanks....
  4. J

    1969 Rupp Goat- Whats it worth?

    Ran into a 1969 Rupp Goat, was wondering what it was worth? Unfinished and Restored. Thanks!
  5. mlanzoni

    Looking for a 1969 Rupp Kick stand

    Looking for a 1969 Rupp Kick stand to finish project. Thanks.
  6. J

    1969 Rupp U-bolts

    Looking for a set of original 1969 Rupp Goat/Roadster handlebar U bolts. Used is fine. Thank you, Joe51
  7. P

    1969 Rupp treasure map

    Original 1969 Rupp Roadster frame blueprints
  8. B

    1969 Fantic Broncco TX1

    The time has come and it is finally time to sell my Broncco. The bike runs, the gas tank is dirty, but the engine pops when starting fluid is sprayed, carb was recently cleaned. Everything is there except the kick stand, and clutch cover. No rust on the bike, but a few paint chips. The brakes...
  9. markus

    1969 and older rupp 3.5hp question

    All the 1969 and older Rupps were single speed jackshafts correct? and the 5hp 2 speed models were all 3/4" clutches correct? Also, it looks like there is room, but does anyone know if the old GEM straight shot intake setup will clear in the 1969 and older frames? I dont see them on...
  10. ClipperBuggy

    HS40 from 1969

    Question. I have a 1969 Tecumseh HS40 with some broken fins on the flywheel. I read that the 1969 HS40 had a different bolt pattern on the head than the 1970 and on HS40's did. Is that the only thing different? Could I use any other HS40 parts from any year and only need an early head? Also...
  11. ugmold

    1969 50cc Maverick Minibike Project

    I found this this lump of coal on my local Craigs List. Pretty rough shape. Got it for short money but the engines bottom end is seized and I'm thinking I may need to adapt something else to fit in this small frame. Anyway I'll let the video do the talking. https://youtu.be/4cdote4hzXc...
  12. D

    new member. Possible 1969 Rupp Goat.

    Just bought my kids what looks like a 1969 Rupp Goat sitting on 8" painted spoked wheels. No pictures yet.
  13. D

    1969 fox campus Value??

    Hi All, I have a 1969 fox campus bike that seems to be all original. It also includes all the paperwork (bill of sale, etc) of when it was originally purchased. It is needing restoration. I had planned on fixing it myself, but have decided to tackle other projects. I have had quite a few...
  14. D

    1969 rupp xl-500

    if anyone would like to sell their 69 rupp xl-500, i am a seriuos collector willing to spend upwards of 10k for a turn-key 100% complete and ready to ride bike. please call david at 303-885-4705 and lets make you some money back on your bike. i am ready to spend money now!!!!!
  15. topnotch

    1969 Rupp digger Survivor

    Here is a bike I picked up a while back that I forgot to post so here it is.
  16. D

    New mini bike project- 1969 Gemini Maverick 80

    Just acquired this bike yesterday at a swap meet for $50. Most of it is here, but the original 2 stroker was replaced with what appears to be a 5 HP Briggs from the 1970s, and a comet clutch. Not sure if Briggs or Tecumseh engine, as I have parts for both, and there is no ID info on the block...
  17. capguncowboy

    1969 Rupp Roadster Engine

    I figured I'd list this up here before I post it on Ebay. It was pulled from a 1969 Rupp Roadster. All the linkage is there, original carb. NOS filter. Fresh paint (Duplicolor with 2k Urethane clear sprayed over it). It's not perfect, but it looks great. Timing and electronics was set. It...
  18. topnotch

    Early 1969 Bonanza Bc 1500 SH Survivor

    I sold one of my favorite minibikes last week that wasn't even listed anywhere for sale. Joe sent a buyer my way, a very good guy to deal with out of New York. I won't disclose his name I"ll let him do that if he decides to do so.(thanks Joe) But the problem with the deal was I had no plans to...
  19. topnotch

    Early 1969 Bonanza Bc 1500 SH Survivor

    The end!
  20. topnotch

    1969 Bonanza Bc 1500sh

    Looking for a kill switch, also a throttle grip and handle bar dummy grip or just (1) throttle grip will be fine, used or nos does not matter it is for a survivor bike.