1. S

    was the original Animal 305cc instead of 206cc ?

    I have a small PDF file of a magazine article in KARTING WORLD in 2008 describing the ANIMAL 305 and I cannot get it to upload. Today I see there are Vangard 305cc motors and I think they are the same block as the original racing Animal motor. There are still go kart racing engines that...
  2. O

    Briggs Intek 6.5 206cc crank, rod, piston for sale

    Im building an open motor out of a 6.5 briggs intek 206cc engine that i had. parts are used but in good condition. crankshaft with gear, rod, std piston. $60 shipped.
  3. O

    WTB cheap complete 206cc 6.5 briggs intek

    exactly what the title says. send me private message.
  4. H

    Intek 206cc 6.5hp New I/C Industrial

    I have a like new Intek 206cc motor that has never been mounted. It has the cast iron bore and dual ball bearing crank. Low oil sensor and all. Shares parts with the Briggs Animal racing engine except head. $200 plus shipping. Retails for $329. Bulletproof engine. coolredjeep@aol.com
  5. 125ccCrazy

    briggs ohv 206cc fresh milled head

    I have a fresh Intek head milled .060. new animal valves, new dbl valve springs with locks and retainers, fully ported...never used It's installed on this engine but has never been fired.. $100 obo $11 ship I also have a very nice the billet jr flywheel and coil with 8mm wire for $75...
  6. 125ccCrazy

    Fresh Briggs 206cc Intek with many mods

    I have a fresh 206cc intek ready to go Short Block: 206cc block (single bearing/steel bore) BP World Formula piston assem New WMS billet rod 308 cam New CE push rods Jr Racecar billet flywheel 8mm plug wire Head: Intek head milled .060 ported New Animal valves New dbl...