1. follow my ROTAX

    Cat 400 bearing number

    What is the correct bearing for the rear axle for my Cat 400 with the disc brake?
  2. Dr. Shop Teacher

    Cat 400 "Fur Ball"

    Ok, so I couldn't resist diving into the Cat 400 that I found on CL for $40. Today was spent undoing the scrub brake, losing the 3hp engine, and tackling the handlebars. The front lowers are bent and the left tube is broken away, so I found a set on ebay for $35 and they arrived today. The...

    F.S Original Lil Indian Seat

    For Sale,I have an all original rare 1965 Lil Indian seat.In 64 and 65 Lil Indian model 400 also used this seat along with the 500,600 and 700,later years the model 400 had a flat,non kickup seat.This is rare being tu-toned and being red and white even makes it more of an oddity.This seat is in...
  4. D

    Cat 400 Frame

    Looking for a cat 400 frame bare frame thanks
  5. Eliminator

    Wanted: Rear fender and chain guard for ROGUE 400

    Just picked up this ROGUE 400 mini. Interesting rugged mini for sure. The earles type leading link fork reminds me of some old BMWs I've had. Any one out there have a rear fender and bracket and a chain guard for one. How about a photo of what the guard looks like?? THANKS...
  6. T

    Cat 400

    Hello, I am in need of items for a cat 400 minibike. I need the decals for the front handlebars as well as clutch cover. I am also in need of a rear fender. Any help would be appreciated and I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks Troy
  7. John G.

    Cat 400 bars

    Need one cat 400, eliminator handle bars. pm me
  8. bigevilone2

    Bonanza Chopper Sissybar CR 400

    Used Bonanza CR 400 sissy bar. Needs rechroming and has a little chain rash. The bar is straight and the springs are stiff. It is not frozen up and would be good for a rider bike. Price is $40.00 + $20.00 shipping Paypal only !
  9. Cat 400 build

    Cat 400 build

    My first mini bike project.
  10. Cat 400 build

    Cat 400 build

    My first mini bike project.
  11. Bonanza cr400 chopper of Phils

    Bonanza cr400 chopper of Phils

    After a new 1960 LMB carb adaption and got it running and RIPPING for him.. Rips for a worn out 50 year old 2 horse... lol Phil made this one look NICE.. fixed the frame and all then ebayed it. Should have just LEFT it the Crusty Cruiser.. it was a TRUE RAT ROD... Now it's another old franken...
  12. Cat 400 Unfinished

    Cat 400 Unfinished

    Cat 400X