1. E

    420cc Honda clone (190F) generator engine always kicks back when trying to start

    This started happening randomly, initially it would kickback 2-4 times before it would eventually turn over and start running, but it ran rough and hot, and started dieseling when shut down However, after giving it a shim head gasket to bump up compression (because I planned on running it on...
  2. Raskin

    c & c guys go 420cc on a ct200uex

    I follow these guys, awsum stuff..vid of start of 420 pred on a ct200uex..looks like w be awsum.. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tBhRsnIQJ5U https://youtu.be/tBhRsnIQJ5U
  3. C

    coleman ct200u with predator 420cc swap?

    Hey guys, I just picked up the mini bike after searching for a while and i know besides doing the popular mods to the stock engine, or throwing a 212cc predator engine into it. Has anyone swapped a 420cc predator engine in it? from the looks of it, looks like it would fit in the same space. Any...

    Anybody have a Warrior with a 420cc Predator installed?

    Helping a friend build a Warrior. He bought a new roller that is complete less the engine last week. Yesterday he bought a new 420cc Predator for it. Now we have to make it happen. Anybody have one of these combos? I think it will take a little work but I think it will be pretty straight...
  5. Joe-405

    Modded 420cc Mini Dragbike w/3d manual clutch

    Well i sold the original designed chassis with the nitro 44 from minichopperssocal - 909 minibikes So i shall start a build thread finally of the new chassis im currently building...............pic is old chassis at track a few weeks ago with a torque converter on it. So far i...
  6. Joe-405

    420cc clone flatlined at 5750 rpm ?

    What makes a clone flatline at 5750 every time. I have cam and supporting valve springs. With a 32mm carb and header. Is it the stock timing by chance ? It doesn't have the limiting coil.
  7. Joe-405

    Baseline Jetting for a 420cc ?

    Honestly i just dont want to blow it up when i start it to break the new cam in. And its a new carb also. I have tuned carbs before just not in this setting................ Russell's cam card at NR says 2000rpms for 20min. 420cc clone with cam, longer arc rod to bump compression a little...
  8. 125ccCrazy

    wanted: gx390/420 billet rod, cam, intake manifold, flat top piston for a 420cc

    looking for a good used or new stock length rod, cam no bigger than 360 lift, intake manifold for Mikuni...

    Predator 420cc

    I am looking at buying a 420cc predator. I know it has electric start but does it have a lighting or charging coil? Just curios about battery charging. Thanks
  10. Joe-405

    Powerland 420cc mods.............

    Finally got to ride the drag minibike but its not even close to right............. 1. Has anybody done governor removal, header, and air filter mod yet on these for comparison ? 2. Torque converter setup does not have a neutral setting but i still rode it a little bit. My custom driver is...
  11. M

    Honda GX390 Parts for Predator 420cc

    Hey guys, I am going to use an electric start, big block, motor for my next project- a kart this time. Anyways I want to save a few bucks and get the Predator 420 motor. BUT No one makes heavy mods for it. I asked some folks at OldMiniBikes warehouse, as they have GX390 parts and 420 Parts listed...
  12. xBrent92

    Does predator390 parts fit on 420cc hemi?

    i need to know so i can get a 420 with an electric start so i can be one step closer to transforming my kart into a car.
  13. george196

    Power Fist 420cc 15HP Clone

    What Performance parts will fit a Power Fist 420cc 15hp clone from Princess Auto?
  14. Bgw tri rod

    Bgw tri rod

    Mid restoration
  15. BGW tri rod

    BGW tri rod

    Mid restoration
  16. Bgw tri rod redone 1

    Bgw tri rod redone 1

    Mid restoration
  17. jdogg

    420cc Bonanza!!

    I guess these frames will fit any engine!! :laugh: Bonanza Mini bike
  18. george196

    Turbo 420cc honda clone???

    If a small 212c or 125 can run a turbo a 420cc should be able to run one right?. I have a design for the placement but was still wondering about the size I would need.(its a power fist clone from Princess Auto)
  19. F

    Predator 420cc on a db30

    Has anyone done this yet ? Pics? Wonder if it would work with a pmr engine plate from a 212cc and no jack shaft ? I think I'm gonna give it a try
  20. SnakePliscan

    Power ease by BE 420cc clone, true clone or rato-predator re-tin? anybody know?

    Im looking to go 420cc big block in my chopped and lowered Baja Warrior. I need a 420cc that can use the 390cc aftermarket cams and mod parts. From what i think i know, the predator and its copy's are a no go as the cam bearing bush is bigger so the 390 cams don't work. Im looking at the BE...