5hp briggs

  1. B

    5hp briggs will not start

    My 5hp briggs will not start. I have spark and seem to be getting fuell i have a mikuni carb which is wet with fuell while trying to start i have had the flywheel spin in the past that was the first thing i checked it was fine not sure what else to try at this point
  2. B

    5hp Briggs questions

    I have a motovox mini bike with a 5hp Briggs on it and the stock air box doesn’t fit. Was looking for aftermarket replacement any suggestions ? Also I don’t know what size it is. Stock carb and everything. Pretty tight space. Thanks
  3. D

    Looking 4 5hp Flathead Briggs Mikuni Intake

    I am about to start this new build and I have a mikuni 24mm for it but I don't have an intake for it. If you have one that is pretty cheap, reply or inbox me and let me know prices. Thanks in advance.
  4. M

    briggs and stratton 5hp fun power

    hey OldMiniBikes just signed up today and wanted to know if anyone knows how to remove and clean the carberator on it been trying to figure out how to remove it or dissasemble the carb. my briggs engine will start fine but when gassing it shuts off automatically thinking it could be the carb if anyof u...
  5. O

    My minibike VIDEO!!!!!!

    I just joined the forum and this is my minibike its running a 5hp Briggs! what do you think about the video??? The 40mph Mini Bike - YouTube
  6. T

    Briggs 5hp just wont start

    I had a old mini Briggs and Stratton 5 hp engine that I tore off a mini bike. Im not sure of the year of the engine but it dose not have points and has the more modern magnetron but the engine is still pretty old. The engine was run with no air filter but it wasn't run very much. I only took it...
  7. M

    What do I need? Help.

    I have a Briggs 5hp on my gokart. it goes about 24 and I just want a little more speed out of it without destroying in completely.. I was thinking about buying a used ARC rod and a used Dyno cam but Im not sure what else I would have to beef up to do so? I'm guessing stronger springs and such...
  8. The_Ruppster_86

    Briggs Raptor block/ Briggs "Standard" 5HP block

    Gentlemen, I would like to know if there are any significant differences between a Briggs Raptor block and your "standard" Briggs 5HP Kool-bore block. Is one block more desirable for building up to higher RPM such as 6-7000? Also, are there any differences between the various generation...
  9. Wideopenthrottle

    am I missing any next to free mods ?

    I have a 5hp briggs on one of my gocarts and im wondering what are some more cheap mods i can do ? this is what is done : : intake&exhaust valves ported, 14" straight pipe with a bend, 3/4 full of oil, govern delete, cone intake, the tube that conects to the carb from the valve springs delete...
  10. aceofsp8des

    black and yellow.

    a friend of mine recently gave me an early 80s yellow, 5hp flatty. i wanted to get it running without the hassle of messing with the old flowjet carb, so i used the carb and tank off of my recently screwed '95 flatty. as i proceded to drill a new mounting hole it lined up perfectly. this...
  11. aceofsp8des

    ive done it now.

    before i start, let me say that i used the 'search' to see if i could find an old post on this, and i couldnt find anything. i recently took apart my '95 5hp briggs to replace the crankshaft. i carefully made sure i didnt loose any parts and im 99% sure all the pieces/parts are still there...
  12. aceofsp8des

    5hp briggs crankshaft

    need a longer shaft for my minibike. turns out my briggs was a pump engine :shrug: go figure. so the driveshaft is only 1 inch long. i am needing a longer shaft. here is my model and part number model: 135202-0258-01 part number: 397102 if any one has a good one laying around for...
  13. aceofsp8des

    Drive shaft too short!!!!!

    I aquired a Flathead 5hp Briggs. as i attemped to 'rotate' the clutch to acomodate the chain... i noticed that the drive shaft is only one inch long?!?! :blink: the keyway is on the opposite side of the gears. all of you probably knew that, but since there wasnt any keyway on the needed side, i...
  14. aceofsp8des

    Sensation Mike Bike 'refurbish'

    hey folks, i just recently joined OldMiniBikes, and am loving it! this is a great site to browse in my spare time or to get ideas and pointers! well back to my project! i recently aquired a 70's Sensation Mike Bike. the previous owner had painted over the ugly green with a red paint, but didnt sand...
  15. DreyeIce

    What do i do now?

    I noticed my intake valve was a bit loose, like i could spin it even when it was down on my 5hp briggs, so i took out the valve, and ground the end down the tiniest bit, now there is a gap from the bottom lifter to the actual valve, so im thinking, by me doing that, the valve is openign that...
  16. crazy4flatheads


    whats an easy and cheap way to hook up a tach to a 5hp briggs without the lighting coil would any small engine or lawn mower shop carry a tach thats cheap and afective? thanks.
  17. crazy4flatheads

    'wanted' billet conecting rod 5hp briggs i/c

    looking for used billet conecting rod and oil dipper in good shape for a decent price for a stock 5hp i/c briggs engine if you got anything send me a pm thanks! austin'
  18. bandit 40

    briggs valves and springs question

    Hello , everyone, Im working on a 5hp briggs, as i was removing the springs and valves, I lost track of which spring went where , It appears one is taller, and im not sure which is which,I would really like to put in new valves and springs this is I think they call it a 13 model, where can I...