Mini Bike & Go-Kart Parts

  1. Keith605

    Garage find

    Got this today was told t was tucked away for at least 20years any ideas on what it is and maybe when made the engine is model HS40-55290B
  2. Cap'n kanuckles

    Late 60's lil indian 500

    This little Indian 500 runs and rides looks to have original paint has original disc brake original seat original motor,original clutch guard, only things I see on the bike that aren't right are the grips and the clutch has four inch wheels with original tires. Original Fenders are still on the...
  3. hubie1320

    WTB Early 60's Bug Flea

    WTB - Early 60's Bug Flea project. Prefer just a roller or frame. Let me know what you have. Thanks
  4. HappyRyan

    63 LiL Indian takes the trophy...

    Yup! the 1963 LiL Indian rat bike takes the trophy at the Tall City Classic Car and Bike Show, Midland Texas. Just bragging a little... :wink:
  5. D

    Information on. Galaxy Chopper style. minibike circa early 70s late 60s

    Hey everyone we have a Galaxy Rail Mini chopper that was my cousin's. I know these are rare but does anyone know any authorities on them that I could contact to get more information on it. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Scottessey

    WTB: Rupp Clutch Cover (early 60's)

    Hey Fellas, I'm waiting to start on a Dart Cycle until I have all the parts that require paint. All I'm lacking is the clutch cover. Please, let me know if you have one like any of the following pics... Thanks! :thumbsup: [URL
  7. 1963 LiL Indian 600 #1025

    1963 LiL Indian 600 #1025

  8. Michrina First Test

    Michrina First Test

    Regis Michrina testing the first model 600 2 speed lil indian mini bike.
  9. 1963 LiL Indian 600 #1025

    1963 LiL Indian 600 #1025

    Serial Number 1025 = 1963
  10. 1963 LiL Indian 600 #1025

    1963 LiL Indian 600 #1025

  11. 1963 LiL Indian 600 #1025

    1963 LiL Indian 600 #1025

  12. 1963 LiL Indian 600 #1025

    1963 LiL Indian 600 #1025

    1963 LiL Indian 600 #1025
  13. 1963 LiL Indian 600 #1025

    1963 LiL Indian 600 #1025

    1963 LiL Indian 600 #1025
  14. 1964 LiL Indian 600 Ad

    1964 LiL Indian 600 Ad

    1964 LiL Indian 600 Mini Matic 2-speed Advertisement
  15. 125ccCrazy

    briggs 3hp stamped flywheel cover 60'S

    needs a couple minor dings finished and the recoil assembly... not rusted out. $15 plus ship
  16. N

    Looking for a new axel for 60's go kart

    I have a 1960's ish go cart made by the fox corporation and I'm restoring it the axel is broken and I'm looking for a new one any help would be greatly appreciated.
  17. Chordmerchant

    60's Tote Gote Nova 780

    Well, I've found something I want to buy, so I have to sell some minibikes! What I have here is a nice/straight Nova 780 with a 6hp B&S on it. The motor does run, and runs well. I will also include another 6hp B&S of the same vintage. (running condition unknown) This bike has the original "Climb...
  18. KustomKartKid

    Early 60's Karting Magazine

    Sold my early kart and parts so I'm going to be selling off the karting portion of my library.... This is an early 60's Karting Edition of Motor Trend magazine. Very interesting in that it highlights some of the more offbeat and forward thinking designs of the time like Duffy Livingstone's...
  19. R

    Late '60s Rupp XL350 project, three engines

    Vintage Rupp mini bike project, not running, needs full restoration, but is complete. I can't take on this project myself due to living in an apartment. The bike currently houses a 3.5 hp Craftsman engine but coming with the bike is a vintage Jacobsen J321 two-stroke engine (50s era...
  20. V

    paint this 60s doodlebug or no?

    Im leaning toward paint this thing red again.. the original paint is beat but I do plan on selling it at some point. :out: and what kind of seat did this one come with? The seat that came on it wasnt original. The forks need to be straightened out too. It had a tecumseh engine and it was a...