1. G

    Accessory fittings?

    Guys, I found a bit of hardware that might interest some of you. If you find yourself in need of a clamp-on bracket for mounting things to either 7/8" or 1" tubing, you might try Bimini top fittings for boats and/or pontoons. Polished stainless, with thier own hardware included. Bimini Top...
  2. Ajf

    Rupp accessory mirrors question

    Does anyone have a photo of the original mirrors offered by rupp as an accessory?
  3. G

    Who makes this Kicker Accessory?

    There is no manufacture name or numbers at all. Also what motor does it fit? Looks new old stock.
  4. CCS Charger Price/Accessory List

    CCS Charger Price/Accessory List

    Late 60's CCS Charger Price & Accessory List
  5. markus

    Interesting exhaust accessory, anyone remember these?

    Few years back these popped up on ebay, the listing stated it was an optional accessory for the performance exhaust on the 68-69 Rupps. Its a cool little butterfly plate, the intentions are to quiet the exhaust down when needed, or when your ready to throw down and race for pinks turn the knob...
  6. 5

    Here is a handy accessory I'd like to make myself.

    Rokon Accessories: Lawn Mower - YouTube
  7. Bikerscum

    Latest accessory to my $4000 competition air rifle

    Click on pic... [/URL][/IMG]
  8. KustomKartKid

    The Official Mini Bike Accessory Thread

    Practical, cool or wacky...... Home made, after market or "factory" add ons... Let's gather up all the vintage mini-bike accesories we can find into one thread. :scooter: Wheels, tires, engine hop-ups, clutches, seats, sissy bars......whatever!!! Ads are great, or a picture of the...