1. capguncowboy

    Universal Chrome Adjustable Shorty Shocks

    These were on a bike I picked up a while back. They measure about 12.5" center-to-center on the fully extended setting $30 plus shipping or I can deliver to Windber
  2. mini one

    Adjustable hydraulic Shock Source ?

    I've got a message in to OldMiniBikes since I don't see any listed online, which is where I would go first, unless anyone has a pair or could shed some light on some ATV/pit bike/MX/Fox etc ones that would be usable on a Mini bike? (12"-14" or so?) Thanks for any help, PS I know they are way more $ than...
  3. R

    WTB: Briggs 5hp pulsa jet adjustable carb.

    I am looking for a Briggs carb, part number 397135. Pulsa jet adjustable carb, with choke. Thanks, Justin
  4. jdogg

    Fully adjustable handlebars!! I need a set!!

    These things look awesome!! Motorcycle Handlebar for 7 8" Riser 7 8" 22mm Diameter Free Width Angle Modify | eBay
  5. old shed finds

    TEC Pinging ? Older 70s HM60 with adjustable breaker plate

    Hello guys,, Just built our HM60 for Nova Tote Gote and its the 1970s Block with the adjustable breaker plate,Pinging Noise, So we might have the plate to much advance on spark timing? Is this possible? We are going to Buy 90 Octane fuel today and give this Goat a ride.see if that 90 Octane fuel...
  6. Not so mini bike

    Adjustable carb?

    This was on a carb that was attached to a gx200. The jet says 609 Is this an adjustable jet for a Honda carb? Is there any way of telling if there has been work done to the carb?
  7. C

    Building seat suspension old scholl with two adjustable shocks...

    I am wondering what shocks I would use? How well does it work? I essentially want to do this......... Something like this.....
  8. B

    PMR Adjustable Motor Mount Kit for sale.

    Brand new PMR Adjustable Motor Mount Kit for sale. Never used, fabbed my own mount. Retail for $39.95 + shipping. Will ship for $35.00 paypal OBO. Item is located in Elizabethtown, KY. All hardware and instruction sheet included. Thanks.
  9. 125ccCrazy

    ARC billet adjustable flywheel for Briggs 5hp flathead

    excellent shape... adjustable center hub... $85 plus ship
  10. Tom S.

    Imagine My Surprise

    I think I've found the only item at harbor Freight that wasn't made in China. It's an adjustable drive belt for my Craigs List table saw.
  11. R

    tecumseh carb 5-6hp adjustable

    I'm looking for an adjustable Tecumseh 5hp-6hp carb. It should have the adjustment screw on the bottom of the bowl. I don't mind at all if its dirty and old but please send me a few pics of it. Thanks for looking. If you have a 3-4hp carb I might need that for another project also.
  12. markus

    making a non adjustable carb adjustable

    I started taking a non adjustable tec carb apart to rob something from it and it appears that the body itself is the same as an adjustable :shrug: anyone swap the parts over and use one, be nice to have a fresh body to work with and this ones clean/new.
  13. bandit 40

    Adjustable engine plate

    Im looking for one like OldMiniBikes sells that has the long slots. The ones Chis made wont work so if anyone has a used one that's just sitting around collecting dust let me know if you wanna let it go thanks Mark.
  14. LSCustoms

    Adjustable bearing hangers, 1" Live Axle

    I want to use something like this for a project im into... had i had them with my project Repo, they would have come in handy.. they dont have anything like this available for 1" axle... or this style... so hopefully i dont have any bumps during "testing". i have a couple more repo style...
  15. RobertC

    replace w original non adjustable carb, or buy adjustable ?`

    Hello Everyone, I am going to replace the carburetor on my Boonie Bikes' Tecumseh 5 HP OHH50 ohv motor. I do not know whether to buy the original non adjustable type carb w/ primer bulb: Carburetor Carb for Tecumseh 640017A B 640104 640117 OHH45 OHH50 5HP OHV Horiz | eBay Or buy...
  16. The Restore Kid

    Converting Walbrow non adjustable carb to adjustable

    I have this little generator with the Walbrow bowl carb on a 3.5 horse flatty.. It uses a nice aluminum intake manifold.. Problem is the main jet is not adjustable, and if I want to use the generator, I gotta wire the choke like EXACTLY 23 / 59 shut, or it won't run.. The power went out, and...
  17. Clayon

    ARC Adjustable Billet Flywheel Problems

    The ARC adjustable billet flywheel I bought for my 5hp Briggs I/C is hitting on the block where the mounts for points are. This motor doesn't use points but the mounts were still casted on the block. Here's the pictures so you know what I mean. I imagine I could cut those off and the...
  18. Paticus

    Adjustable Jack Shaft?

    I am building the jackshaft for my current built. The setup is a live rear Axle (fixed) to a jackshaft to the motor which is joined by a TAV 2 TC. My question is, Do I make the Jackshaft adjustable? The engine plate is going to be slotted so I figure make the jackshaft slotted as well so I...
  19. dvd0020

    Adjustable pushrods

    So, I have all my parts for my clone to include The s2 adjustable pushrods .065 milled head and ported (gx 160 head on 200 clone block) 1.3 roller rockers .290 lift cam from agk 28.5 intake valve 26 exhaust Flat top piston Stock length billet rod 26# springs 26mm mikuni carb Norma cheetah...
  20. The Restore Kid

    Who needs a fully adjustable Honda carb??

    Like if I was to build a few?? :shrug: I have a nice GX160 and a bunch of Walbro carbs.. I was thinking I could probably make them bolt right on and work.. Does the 5.5 and 6.5's use the same throttle parts? Honda and Chondas all bolt up the same?? Like I could just modify the carb and say Honda...